Saturday, April 18, 2015


Sweet little Mommy with her baby.  

Reading her "bible tells me so"to her baby.

Texas had a few snow days this winter and all my friends were showing off their fancy snowmen, snow ice cream and anything else snow related they could come up with.  I realized that my kids had never made a snowman.  It seemed like a crime considering we aren't lacking in snow, so I decided to step up my snow game.  

Deer poop got voted down, so we used blueberries for the eyes and mouth.  

We almost forgot the arms! Quinn wanted to pose just like the snowman.  
I will also admit that the snow was almost melted by the time we made him.  So he was small, and had a short life span.  BUT WE DID IT OK?!?!?!

And we made snow ice cream too! Kan could care less about snow ice cream, but these 2 loved it! 

Terry took this picture out at the ranch while she was here. Its a cool shot from inside the old barn.  

If you read about or ski trip, you'll remember that, thanks to a bacterial gut issue, Quinn never got to ski.  I had promised him I would take him skiing at Showdown.  I intended to take him a few times, but it turns out its kinda of tricky to get 2 other kids taken care of so that I can take him.   But we went one day and it was one of our best days ever! I woke him up early in the morning and we threw our clothes on and hopped on the car.  I mean how much better does it get than to wake up  and hear "we're going skiing today!" I wish someone would wake me up like that.  

Here's the excited skier when we hit the road.  Showdown is a little local ski place about 2 hours away. The weather was beautiful and we had a nice ride there visiting and talking about what skiing would be like.  

Here he is all geared up to walk across the parking lot.  Ha!

I was so excited/nervous when dropped him off at ski school, but I was thrilled he was finally getting to ski.  Meanwhile I enjoyed some of my most ideal alone time!

But if you know me, you know I'd much rather be with people than be alone! Sydni and I had been trying to figure out a way to ski before the season was over.  We had been tossing around lots of dates and it seemed like nothing was working.  Then on my way out of town, I texted her that me and Q were headed to Showdown and she said, "I might can meet you there today!" It was an awesome last minute plan that worked out perfectly.  We skied the morning, then ate lunch with Quinn, then skied the rest of the afternoon while he did his afternoon class.  It was a blast and we decided it will happen much more often next season! 

Quinn the Snow Monster! 

He had a total blast skiing. I was a little worried he was going to be upset if he fell so I made sure that he understood that everyone falls and its nothing to worry about.  Turns out I think I oversold the "don't worry if you fall" thing because he loved falling! So next time we will work on trying to stay up a little more! ha! He had a total blast and I was on cloud 9 hearing him talk about it! 

He wanted to take a picture "making a really big pizza"! 

Then he wanted me to take a picture of him like he had poles.  Ha! 

We all know skiing makes you super hungry so after our day was over, we headed in to the lodge to pick out snacks and a drink.  The perfect ending to the perfect day! 

Spring around here means CALVES!!!  They started hitting the ground and the guys go into overdrive.  They put in some LONG days and nights.  I love it! I also don't work 18 hour days and stay up all night in freezing cold dealing with it, so its easy for me to love these little cuties! 

This little guy's first steps....

....and first meal.  

Quinn is proud to wear the title of "gate opener"! I love this so much.  Its like he's so tiny and so grown up all at the same time.  

The cousins came to town for a few days during their spring break.  Quinn (mid-blink) and Jaylie June sharing Daddy's lap with Hayven. 

We had such fun with the cousins.  They loved playing London Bridge on the trampoline. 

Sweet cousins. Sweet static electricity. Sweet pose, Q.  

We drove one evening to meet Sydni to give the girls back.  We met in the middle of no where where there is a little store/lunch spot. It was closed so its porch was the perfect place for our picnic dinner together.  One last bit of fun before the girls headed back home.  

I just really think a tiny kid on the potty is so so so cute. 

Y'all this is deer poop on my sidewalk.  I had to sweep it away just so I could get in my car! They walk through our yard all the time, but I never knew they came right up to the house.  

Daddy and his biggest fans after his city league bball game. 

More calving help....driving the Ranger. 

Kory took this picture.  Maybe now my kids will have proof I was around.  ha.  We were bedding down one of the calf sheds.  

Juney grabbed the ring of recycled ear tags, threw them around her neck and said "Hey! Its a necklace!" Who needs diamonds????

I had to leave to go get Kanyon from school and Jaylie June looked at her daddy and said, "I don't want to leave, can I stay wif lu Daddy?"  It was an irresistible offer for her daddy. She spent the rest of the day with her Daddy and her Chief.  And boy was she proud.  The next day we were driving out of town and passed lots of black calves.  Quinn said, "Hey mom! Look at all those calves!" and Miss Hot Shot Ranch girl said in her most proud/bossy with a touch of bragging voice, "I already worked with they." Ha.  She's big stuff now that she goes to work.  

Me and the kids left the day after these pictures were taken for a bonus trip to texas.  That picture overload is up next!

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