Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Rest of February (and further proof that my daughter is INSANE)

While the Big Sky ski trip was the highlight of our February, we had a great rest of the month....translated: UNSEASONABLY WARM TEMPS!! 

klp's therapy schedule has changed a little bit so that means Juney and Q get to tag along some.  She wanted me to take a picture of her while klp was swimming.  

See this??? Bike riding on BARE sidewalks during a Montana winter??!!! 

My favorite biker dudes.  

This boy loves his bike so much.  I snapped this shot of him sitting there dying laughing.  He has the best laugh in the world! 

klp got a marble run for Christmas from my parents and in the words of Quinn, "Kan is the King of the marble run!" He gets so excited to drop the marbles and watch them swirl through.  He gets a little frustrated trying to put it together, but he could do it all day long.  

Jaylie June and her Longview BFF Meg face timed one day. Here they are giving each other a kiss.  

Mommy always keeps her baby safe. 

Snow catching

Jaylie drew a picture of her new cousin Colbie Marie. I was so tickled when I saw this. She even drew a tiny little face and lots of arms! Great stuff.  Jaylie's feelings about new little Colbie Marie are nothing short of totally and completely obsessed.  Its all about "Colbie AREE" all.  day. 

Somebody didn't want her picture taken.  

Quinn doesn't draw pictures very often.  He thinks he can't so he would rather write letters and "spell" stuff.  So I love it when I actually see something that he's drawn.  Here he was trying to draw his friend Allie a picture of him shooting a bow and arrow.  He threw it away because it wasn't right, but I got it back out of the trash.  Looks just right to me.

A few weeks ago, my good Camp Deer Run friend Terri texted and said she was coming to visit! She spent her childhood summers in Helena, Montana, so I can't pretend that she came just to see us. We know we were just a good excuse to get back to Montana after years and years away.  We were happy to get her back to Montana and in our house!!!!  We had such a blast and she was so great to tag along and handle my fam day in day out. Its no joke, people.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, hanging out with us ain't for the faint of heart! 

We took our "porch picture" when the wind chill outside was -20. True Montana stuff right there. 

Me, klp, and Q picked her up from the airport!! YAY!!!! 

Kory had a bball game so he missed the pile up on the couch. I'm sure he wasn't sad about that.  

One day while Terri was here, klp had 3 Dr. appointments in Billings.  She was so great to come with us and sit with Q in the waiting rooms.  Who comes on vacation to sit in Dr. offices??!! 
We tried to take advantage of the big city so we went to the giant Scheels store. It is AMAZING. There were all these fun photo booths throughout the store.  

Here's Q making his tough Jeep driver face! 

There's a ferris wheel inside!

Skunk photo booth! PEEEE UUUUUU!!!! 

Terri and Q taking a Mountain Lion selfie! Yikes! 

Terri took this of Jaylie June while Kanyon was swimming.  It is so sweet.  Kind of a heart melter.

J and Q went with me to take Terri back to the airport.  We were sad to see her go, but SO SO SO SO happy she came! 

I feel as though this picture is a pretty good glimpse into my life.  klp in the rocking chair (its his self modulating sweet spot), toys everywhere, june still in her PJ's, and marshmallows all over the floor.  Q was shooting his marshmallow gun and convinced Jaylie to hold the basketball to see if he could hit it.  She was a little unsure of the whole thing....rightfully so.  

Oh my dear.  She better be glad she's cute because she's as bonkers as she is cute.  Insane.  Cray Cray. Hilarious. Spicy. Spunky. Insane. Off tha hook. "Somethin'"...the adjectives are endless. I'm not sure that I've come across a word that perfectly describes her but the girl is just Somethin' else.  She just kills us every day. She is just so much fun. Which is her saving grace cuz she's a hand full too.  

Just picking up marshmallows.  Amazingly she DOES have unders on under these jeans I'm just not sure where they were at this particular plumber-esque moment.  

My mom gave her this baby so she calls it "Gay Gay's Baby".  She noticed the baby's hands one day and said, "Hey! Gay Gay's baby does like this!!" and held up her hand. haha.  

 I've never claimed to maintain a perfectly neat household. My house is usually just barely to a point where I wouldn't be totally mortified if someone showed up.  I'd be embarrassed, but not mortified.  BUT this girl of mine takes it to a new level. She drags all of her toys and drops them at the top of our little entry/mudroom/where everyone walks to get in the house.  This is also my kitchen.  And this is where she chooses to store her toys.  Ugh.  She managed to find the #1 worst place in the house.  Makes me crazy.  

She hasn't quite figured out what she's supposed to do when I take her picture.  She usually does something along these lines....I'm trying to convince her that this isn't her best look.  

I don't even remember how this next series of pictures happened. I don't know where her shirt was. I don't know how her pants got hiked up that high, but it was a photo opp I couldn't resist. 

she makes this face a lot.  When she's being funny and she knows it.  She's a total ham.   

This kinda made me wonder if she's been looking at maternity pictures....it still doesn't explain the lack of a shirt....

 Ha. Ha. Ha!!!!!  

There you have it...further proof that my daughter is insane.  

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