Thursday, June 18, 2015


The kids and I got back from our trip to Texas on Good Friday evening so we were there just in time to celebrate Easter with our Montana fam.  

There's nothing quite like early morning Easter hunt pictures. 

Juney girl liked the hunt, but she wasn't moving very fast so early in the morning.    

Q loved the hunt and eventually had to slow down so the other 2 could have some eggs.  

kip got a few eggs, but pretty much could've cared less about hunting eggs.  


This was how kip spent most of the hunt.  

An attempt at our fancy Easter selves. 

Jaylie and Q with the head tilt.

The Easter Bunny brought Jaylie June this soft little bunny.  

She was quite proud of her new bunny. 

We had lunch with Kory's whole family at his grandparents house.  It was a rainy day, so there wasn't much egg hunting. But June, Quinn, and cousin Ainsley got in a quick hunt before lunch. 

Happy Easter! 

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