Friday, July 10, 2015

April Calving

These ladies greeted us when we got back from Texas.  These cows are "scheduled" to have their calves in April, so several had already had theirs.  These are the bunch that Kory is in charge of calving so we spend lots of time with these lovely ladies.  

Tired boy zonked out while we were checking. 

Quinn has learned how to cut the strings on the net wrap.  

Its pretty hard work for a little guy on his tippy toes.

Calf #903 representing my East Texas Roots! 

Quinn is also learning how to write the numbers on the ear tags.  It may take a little more handwriting practice before he's ready to do this on his own, but he's sure proud to get to help write.  

I always crack up when the cows are lined up eating.  Breakfast buffet! 

3 little Carhartt monsters riding on the back of the pick up. 

She learned how to pose with her hands on her hips.  Looking' fancy in the dress and heals (over the t-shirt and sweat pants!)

BROTHERS! I could probably do a whole post on this subject.  But for now, its just a big smile and a warm heart looking at this picture. 

Sometimes the calves get a little chilly.  This particular morning, Kory picked up #703 and warmed it up in the pick up with us for a bit.  

We had a beautiful snow one evening and woke up to this sunshiney blanket of snow. It was so pretty.  

This picture was taken in almost the exact same spot (just a little further back) the same day! The sun came out and there was no sign of the snow just a few hours later.  

Q found a hole by the creek that looked inviting.  

When we first moved here, Kory and I made a trip to Billings to stock up on some supplies after the move.  On our way home, we got stopped by a sheriff in a tiny town about an hour away from home.  We had a headlight out so it was no big deal. When Kory showed him his drivers license (Texas) it sparked  conversation about where we came from, our move, him growing up here, me...NOT SO MUCH, etc.  The Sheriff leaned in the window and said to me, "Ma'am have you ever had a calf in your bathtub?" I told him No, but that I had been warned that getting a calf warm is of highest priority and it would often come at the cost of my clean tub since warm water is the fastest way to warm them.  Last spring we had almost no snow/super cold weather during calving, but this year we did, so I now have the "calf in my bathtub" badge.  The mama cow had the baby straight into a little creek so when Kory got to it, it was in bad shape.  Cold and weak.  But thanks to some warm water and a patient surrogate mother (Kory) he got all warmed up.  I learned a lot with this one...feeling in their mouth to check their temperature, etc. Good lessons for me to learn. 

Then he got to snuggle up in some towels and dry off.  In just a few hours he was back with his mama. With a little more diligence from Rancher Kory, Mama claimed the calf and they were good to go.  

A few days later we had our second bathtub tenant.  And, thankfully, all ended well with this one too.  
And also, my bathtub has made a full recovery as well.  Good as new.  

These young deer were munching right outside my dining room window when I pulled in the driveway one evening. 

This is when I refer to Kory as a certified Bovine Lactation Consultant.  Nursing comes easier to some cows than other.  Sometimes they need a little help.  haha. 

Me and Juney girl petting a new calf. 

Sweet Q enjoying the view from the corral. 

Crazies in the sunroof.  

Boxes are even more fun when your friends get in too! 

Sometimes I think my kids are normal.  Then one comes out of the house in his ski helmet and goggles and his sword. To ride his bike. In April.  I have no idea where this stuff comes from. 

From bike riding to tree climbing.

Dad needed some help....

Quinn dressed Jaylie.  Shoes, pants, a cape (the sweatband keeps the velcro from rubbing her neck) and since it was a little chilly out, he made sure she had a coat! yay! Who needs a shirt anyways?! 

Sometimes Dad recruits us to help him move pairs to the "out pasture".  Once the cow has calved and the calf is eating and strong for a couple of days, that pair gets moved out of the calving lot into the "out pasture" and becomes part of the "out bunch".....Clearing those pairs out makes it easier to check and keep tabs on those left in the calving lot.  

Lookin' tiny and cute up on that 4 wheeler.  We are happy to help any chance we get! We just hope we are more help than harm! 

We found a cool bug on our driveway one afternoon...

the kiddos checked it out from every angle. 

Kenyon got new (bigger) trike but its still a little too big for him.  But Q can ride it and totes Jaylie June around in the basket. Pretty funny sight.  

Every now and then I have one of those "girl mom" moments.....  We were in Billings for a Dr. appointment and had a little bit of time to kill so Kory dropped me and Jaylie off in Carters to look for some summer duds for little Miss.  She was hilarious and so cute in the store checking out the latest toddler fashion. She was easily impressed and assured me multiple times "this is my size!". We got a few Spring/Summer staples and she looked so cute walking out with her bag that I said, "Hey, let me take your picture and send it to Gay Gay" and like it was nothin' she stopped, cocked that hip, held up her bag, and flashed her biggest smile!" I realized "I just went shopping with my daughter!" Total girl mom moment.  

Most days she goes for the rugrat/ragamuffin look......  

.....and she nails it every time.  

Kory had to get some farming done towards the end of April so the kids got to ride with him in the tractor a little bit.  I went out to pick up Kanyon and he was zonked out in the floor of the tractor.  

J thinks she's ready to drive. And my poor husband looks like he's about to fall over.  This calving thing is no joke.  He works HARD with very little sleep for weeks and weeks.  Stud.  

Q went with me one evening to check.  He was looking through the binoculars checking ear tag numbers....and whatever else he could find looking through there.  

We took Dad lunch one day and couldn't resist playing on the scoop. 

Picnic in the dandelions. 

Kory and Quinn rolling out the field. 

Goofy brothers. 

All of a sudden Q started writing words.  This was the first word he wrote "NJO" (Ninjago) Nerdy teacher me got really excited! I never worked with him on writing or even really talked about it, its just amazing to see what a kid is wired to learn and how fun it is to watch them discover things.  See?? Nerdy teacher is still alive and well in me! Phonetic spelling is the BEST and cutest thing in the world!! 

She's still a pleasure to rock to sleep.  Little snuggle bug nestles in and falls right to sleep.  

If she turns out to be a hoarder this picture will prove that it started at an early age! 

Quinn was spelling "Sammy" and accidentally wrote a W instead of an M so instead of rewriting it, he did the more efficient and hilarious thing and just drew an arrow. "It means flip it over" he told me.  Duh.  


Teresa said...

I love seeing your life on the ranch! Brings back memories of working with my brothers and sisters. It was a hard time but a fun time. I didn't like Dad coming in and waking us up at 7:00am in the summer to "get out in the field", but I wouldn't trade it for anything now! I saw you were keeping Quinn at home for school next year. Loved your comment to Erin about them telling what to do! I'm glad you are using your teaching skills!! If you ever want your material back from Meredith, just say the word. I miss you and hope to get up there one day! Love you.

martha crockett said...

What a perfect ranch wife you are! Seeing the pix of the calves in the tub made me cringe a little. Not necessarily the dirty tub, but, from the looks of Kory's clothes and boots, the mud he tracked into the house. I'd be behind him hollering about getting the floor dirty all way to the bathroom!!! In spite of that, what a fun life it looks like you guys are having. (Sorry, Gay.....:0)

Key said...

So enjoy your blog as much as I liked being in your classroom where you were so good at creating a community of learners! Knowing you are from a dentist family, I would like your ideas on thumb sucking. One of our grandchildren is turning 4, and we are hearing varying thoughts.

We live in Rockwall and are really enjoying the retired lifestyle.

Key Amundson