Saturday, August 22, 2015

Surprise Visitors!

One evening I left the house to go sign the boys up for T-Ball.  When I got back, Kory told me to go check out the sand castle the kids built.  When I walked around the corner, I didn't see a sand castle, I saw MY PARENTS!!!!!!! I was absolutely shocked. I had been talking to my dad off and on the past few weeks about when they were going to be able to come. Just that afternoon, I had talked to him and he told me he just didn't think they were going to be able to come.  I totally believed him because we'd been talking about all the things that had popped up or that were at just the wrong time that didn't allow them to have a chunk of time long enough to be in Montana for a week.  It turns out when I talked to him that afternoon, they were in Billings! Haha! They realized that if they were going to come, they better hurry, so less than 2 days after they looked their calendars, they left Paris and drove to us! 

It was the best surprise ever.  Dad videoed the whole thing and I was the most boring surprised girl ever. I just stood there with my hands over my mouth.  Frozen and stunned. Haha! It was GREAT!  So a normal week turned into a super fun week! 

This is Jaylie June when Kory tried to take her picture..... 

This is Jaylie June when Kory offered her a skittle if she would smile.  

Not sure what was going on here, but these two guys had it covered! 

Just a little piggy pack around the block before bedtime! 

I just think this is a sweet picture. Daddy and Juney girl having a little talk before bed. 

This was happening with our small group kids outside while the adults were inside doing the lesson. Ha! 

When my parents are around, my kids head straight to their room when they wake up....I wonder why?! 

No visit is complete without a trip up the Butte.  This was my mom's first time. 

Juney showing off her rock treasure. 

Still proud, but just a little less sweet about it. 

The Butte crew! 

Q was lost in his own world building with his rocks. 

Dad took this picture when they unloaded heifers into their summer pasture. 

Chief and Paw Paw 

These geese and goslings were in the creek by our house trying to swim up the fast current. 

My #1 potato peeler! 

Sweetness after her bath. 

Bed head. 

Yay for a porch picture I didn't think I was going to be able to take! 

Great week! Great surprise! Great parents! Great Grandparents!!!!  

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