Friday, September 4, 2015


Just swinging' on the church steps without a care in the world.  Even when her hind end is showing. 

Kory sent me this "peek-a-boo" picture.  Can you see the black bear?

We had a wedding in Bozeman one weekend so we went over the night before to hike in Hyalite Canyon.  The drive up there was beautiful. 

We just got a backpack carrier that holds up to 60 lbs. so we can carry Kanyon.  This was our first hike to try it out on.  

We made it to the waterfall! 

Us girls

My boys

Kory carried him up, I carried him down.....that's fair right???!

Beautiful poppies in our yard. 

This child has  mind (and style) of her own. 

Kory walked right up on this tiny fawn.  

There was a water tank up in the summer mountain pasture that needed to be fixed so we tagged along with Kory one afternoon to "help". Which meant we played and ate while he worked.  It was a beautiful BEAUTIFUL DAY! 

This little stream is from a natural spring, Q had fun playing in it.  He just looked like such a cute little boy playing. 

Our small group had a movie night up at the church.  Here are the kiddos in our group.  They're a sweet little bunch. 

This is Jaylie June flashing her best smile. 

Its a work in progress. Haha! 

Quinn took the first session of swimming lessons at our city pool.  It was the opposite of warm.  One day I found these words coming out of my mouth: "QUINN GET YOUR COAT! IT'S TIME FOR SWIMMING LESSONS!!!" What in the WORLD?!!! Haha! He did great in the water and was a little ready to sit on the warm concrete when it was over.  They heat the water, so supposedly the water was warmer, but I can promise you there was no way I was going to get in that water! 

Quinn made ear tags (like the cows' tags) for him and Kanyon. 

Kanyon put his ear tag on his bike.  

Our cousins from Helena were in town for a couple of days. It sure is fun for Quinn when Ainsely is around.  These are Kory's aunt's kids so they are technically his first cousins, but thanks to age gaps in fun places, they are a great age for my kids! 

Stirring stirring stirring.  With wild hair, as usual. 

We had to move cows one morning.  The guys always have to have a little last minute discussion/planning before we get going. 

I was in the back with lots of the calves. I felt like it was the preschool class.  Little cute things. 

We've been in the process of getting a swing set up and running.  We got enough done to hang the square swing. Everyone was thrilled to have it back! 

Big cousin Sayler at a wedding. 

Sweet Phillips girls! 

This is the look of a girl who got plucked out of her cozy bed to go move cows. 

Holding the road for this bunch of cows  following my car. 

I looked out on the front porch one day and Juney had climbed into her Daddy's Muck boots.  They went all the way up to her waist! 

Iron Man Girl!!!!

Oversized T-shirt, messy hair, cute little worker putting away the silverware was just too cute not to take a picture.

Kanyon still LOVES Wendy's so when we have to go to Billings for a Dr. appointment, we always eat lunch there.  Happy boy.  

 Haying started a little early this year so we were in full force by the end of June. This is Kory and Jaylie June off to bale a field. 

Little Mommy taking her baby for a walk. 

Ballers never stop.  

She asked for me to take her picture.  

This picture epitomizes haying time around here.  Wes is laying on the trampoline with his trusty dog Murphy curled up beside him both pretty much asleep.  Kory is laying flat on the hard deck cashed out after a long day in the hayfields.  Hard workers. 

Chief and Murphy

We saw these Mule Deer beside the road one evening. Beautiful animals. 

Kory and Chief talking things over.  What field is next, which field is ready to bale, which field needs to dry out, who's gonna be on what piece of equipment, how are we gonna fix the broken part, etc. etc. etc.  

This is Quinn and Kanyon outside in the swing with their umbrellas while the sprinkler sprays them.  

Some day it won't be cute or appropriate to look like this, but it sure is cute now! 

Jaylie June and her buddy Murphy (Gram and Chief's dog).  She LOVES Murph! She asked to take a picture with him.  

Kory's cousins came to visit. We usually only see them at Thanksgiving every other year, so it was extra special being with them! 

I'll end it with this month's installment of Quinn's Phonetic Spelling Phunnies.  

We were in the car driving to the trailhead for the hike in Bozeman.  He was in the back with the Boogie Board writing and drawing.  I heard him giggling then he said,"Hey Mom, read this and tell me what it says" I looked and said "PANTIES!!!!!" and he DIED LAUGHING.  Nothing's funnier than undewear/potty humor.  Haha. 

He was coloring this page and I noticed he wrote "Redbirds" on the wall by the crowd.  That is the name of our town's baseball team.  Then I noticed he wrote "Kevin Durant" beside the baseball player.  I guess he is predicting that KD is gonna follow in Michael Jordan's footsteps and play baseball after his basketball career ends.  Ha!

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