Friday, September 25, 2015

Hay Season Begins

As I mentioned in the last post, the hay was ready to cut a little early this year.  So they were cranked up and working hard in mid June!  I don't have many pictures, but here's what I have....

I think Juney girl had some sort of bug.  She was waaaaaaaay too sleepy and ran a little fever.  She crashed with her cup in hand.  

These 3 Mule Deer were right beside us on the road.  It was so nice of them to pose for us.  

One evening, me and Susan miraculously got our husbands out of the hay field and at my house or supper!!!!!!!  This is them after supper.  Wes and his dog Murphy crashed on the trampoline and Kory is laying on the hard patio.  His glasses are off...thats serious nap business.  

Here they are again, a pretty accurate sign that all the haying is in full force. Not much sleep happens for these guys so I guess they'll take it when they can get it.  

Here we are waiting for our 4th of July parade.  This was when Kanyon was in the height of wanting different socks on, so it worked nicely that he could be so patriotic.  

They did a reenactment of some shoot out that happened a long time ago where the residents of Lewistown shot some bad guy named Rattlesnake Jake.  It was......low budget???? Haha. But it was fun to watch.  Jaylie was a little confused by it.  She didn't quite understand that it was fake (since the people were real).  She still asks if that guy is in jail.  

The final shootout! ha! 

I'm not sure how Quinn knew a Lemonade Stand was a thing, but he asked to have one, so the afternoon of the 4th was perfect.  The weather was great and there were lots of people out and about.  He made his own sign and decided his own price.  It was fun and people were very sweet and generous.  Kanyon couldn't quite decide between working at the stand or riding his bike, so worked the Lemonade Stand on his bike.  

Q was a bit of a high pressure salesman.  He looked straight at every driver that drove by and waved. Eye contact+sweet little freckled face boy waving= CUSTOMERS!!! 

I took the boys and our friend Aiden to the movies one afternoon.  They felt like big stuff.  

She thinks she can handle the tractor on her own.  

I got this picture one day when she was riding with Kory and I asked how they were doing.  

All the kids enjoy getting to take their turns riding with Dad. I am thankful that even in the busiest of times, they can ride along for a little bit and spend some time with Dad. 

I love this picture because I can see June perched up in the buddy seat of the tractor.  It just looks so cute to me! 

We walked to get the boys a haircut one afternoon.  J had a dog that just HAD to go. 

Strollers gonna stroll.  

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