Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hunting and Halloween

In an incredibly unpredictable and unlikely turn of events, my dad drew a bull elk tag for this fall.  We thought it would take YEARS to get one (if ever), so we were all quite shocked when he drew one his first year.  So, we spent all of October looking forward to Gay Gay and Paw Paw coming to visit! 

We enjoyed nice weather and walked to the park (in the dog vest of course)

Quinn, fresh out of the bathtub, lookin' like Alfalfa from Little Rascals

Good ol' Gay Gay!!!!

When Gay Gay picks you up from school, its treats for everyone!!!

As I mentioned, the "point" of this trip was for my Dad to shoot a bull elk.  And boy did he and Kory put in the miles!!!!  It was incredible how much walking and looking we did.  At the end of the first week, we'd had a few spotting of nice elk, and one close call with one that haunted Dad for days. He was close enough to shoot but decided not to because there was a tree branch in the way.  He spent a few days regretting that decision, wondering if he blew his chance at one, but it turned out to be even better! 

I got to go with Dad a lot during the evenings.  It was fun and exciting and I appreciated my Mom's super human-ness keeping the kiddos so I could go with him.  

Lots of glassing from on top of The Butte. 

This was one of the first evenings, Kory was showing Dad some of the routes and different places that might be good to go.  

After a long day hunting, Dad would teach the kids how to use his CamWow! app and take silly, distorted pictures of themselves. 

When the first week proved unsuccessful, Dad called his office, canceled his patients, and made plans to stay till he got one!!! 

After 8 days  and MILES AND MILES AND MILES of walking, guessing, and hoping, the hunt of a lifetime came to a successful ending!!  
Dad and his guide! We were SOOOOOOO excited! 

My brother Clint and our family friend Marty came for a little visit and got there Friday night and he Dad shot it Saturday morning.  Clint and Marty got here just in time to help gut the big ol' thing.  Its MUUUUUUCH bigger than an East Texas whitetail! 

Saturday morning, we got a text from Dad and Kory saying they had one down, so we all went out to see them.  Here they are retelling the series of events.  If you know my dad you know he CAN NOT HEAR.  Luckily Kory can because he heard a branch snap and that little sound ended with the kill! (eventually).  They would've never seen them had KP not heard them. So literally, Kory was my Dad's ears for him that day! haha! 

In a very handy stroke of luck, the elk dropped right where he shot it and Kory was able to drive the bale bed pick up right up to the elk. I for sure would've played my "girl card" if we were gonna have to drag that thing out of there.  This pick up was VERY handy.

And a nice cozy ride down the mountain.  ha. 

They got it skinned and to the taxidermist and processor.  It was an all day ordeal! But the excitement made it so much fun!! I think the fact that it took so long and they looked so hard, and even the drama of the one he passed up, made it all that much sweeter! Dad made a LONG shot and hit him perfect.  Quite the skilled marksman!

Quinn was pleased with "his" elk. 

Clint Spencer, DDS couldn't stay out of the elk's mouth.  Haha. 

Did I mention all of this happened on Halloween?! 
J was pumped to be Murphy (Gram and Chief's dog) and Clint brought the old Toto costume that Jaylie wore to be Nana at Kanyon's birthday party.  Who cares if it was made for an 18 month old, Jaylie June was pumped and she thought it went perfect with her dog vest.  Had I known we were going to have the dog costume, I wouldn't have bought the vest, but there was no turning back for her so we doubled up with furry costume and furry vest.  

Kanyon wanted to be a Skeleton Doctor.  He initially said he wanted to be a Doctor.  Then he thought it would be cool to wear Quinn's skeleton costume from last year.  He just couldn't decide between a skeleton or a Dr.  So he said, "I KNOW! I can be half skeleton half doctor!!" and so the Skeleton Doctor was born!  Quinn was Zane the white Ninjago ninja.  Juney girl took her role as Murphy very seriously.  She carried her bucket in her mouth all night.  Where does she come up with this stuff??!!

We trick or treated at Gram and Chief's so we had to take a picture with Murphy the costume inspiration. So here's Murphy and Murphy! 

She loved her "uncle" Marty. 

Phillips Pham trick or treating! 

Murphy got a little tummy ache and Kanyon doesn't last long trick or treating (walking is hard and he doesn't like candy) so me and mom brought them home early and Kory and Dad let Quinn keep going.  

The ninja returned with a bucket full of candy! 

Juney girl helped Gay Gay with the eggs for supper. 

We cooked some chicken fried elk one night.  Mmmmmmmmm 

Mom and Dad were here for 2 weeks! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

We took a separate picture with Marty and Clint since they left a couple of days later.  We had a blast with them and enjoyed showing them around.  We had almost 3 weeks of company and it was so wonderful!


annalee said...

I feel like i say this (or think this) every post, but you should know again how much I love reading your adventures! what an incredible Halloween

martha crockett said...

I have yet to hear the entire elk hunt saga! Looks like having a real rancher (who can hear), with real equipment made the hunt a huge success. So fun being able to see your adventures in Montana on your blog. Again, thanks for taking the time to share, and, as always, I hated for it to end....
Love you so much!!!