Friday, January 15, 2016

Fall Visitors Round 2

3 of my cousins and their spouses all planned a trip to come to Montana together! Robin and Jeff, John David and Anna, and Nathan and Megan (and baby Blakely in her tummy).  We had THE BEST TIME! I know I say that every time I talk about having visitors. Its true! While each visit is so great, they're all different and this one was unlike any we'd had.  I think it was the addition of 6 fun loving adults with no added kids! My kids were in heaven all week with all the attention! 

It was the annual "What the Hay" contest in a nearby little town.  This is very similar to the Yamboree's yam decorating (except that its giant hay bales, instead of small sweet potatoes....but same idea).  

Me and Farmer Kanyon at the entrance to the trail.  

Farmer Jaylie and Farmer Quinn 

This was our group picture by one of the hay sculptures. I can't remember what this one was titled, it was some sort of old military general or something.  You just drive down a highway looking at all of them lined on the roadside, and this was one of the ones we thought was most impressive so we turned around and got out for a group photo. 

Me and Kory, John David, Anna, Quinn, Juney, Kanyon, Nathan, Megan (and baby Blakely), Robin, and Jeff.  

Of course we took them up to the Butte one afternoon.  Here's Nathan and Jaylie.

Me and Robin. We are the only girl cousins on the Spencer side, so we've had a fun time growing up together.  Its even more fun being adults together! 

Nathan and Quinn found a rock that they just HAD to climb on the way down. 

We went to an elk viewing spot one evening.  You sit in the car and watch hundreds of elk and hear the bulls bugle. It wasn't the most impressive herd I've seen there, but it was fun.  We saw 2 rattlesnakes right by the road on our way out! NOT COOL.  

Anna ended up on the roof of the suburban taking pictures.  The boys were all in the "boy car" and my 2 little ones thought they were big stuff riding with the big cousins! 

Robin secured her spot as the favorite with her long hair.  Kenyon is obsessed with hair, and he loved twirling her long hair! 

Aunt Nay Nay (Renne, the mother of these cousins) sent the kids fun Texas gifts. Here's Q and Juney posing with their new t-shirts and stuffed animals. 

I'm disappointed this is all the pictures I have of the week. I did a bad job taking pictures.  We laughed so much and had a total blast being together! The cousins left and headed north to Glacier National Park and had a great time there too.  I'm so glad they got to have this trip together and I'm SOOOOO glad we were a part of it. We hated to see them go, but can't wait for them to come back!  We love you cousins!!!!  

Maybe the best porch picture so far! 

update: Nathan and Megan had their baby about a week ago! Thankful for a strong and healthy Blakely Ann Spencer.  Another cousin to add to the bunch!!!!!

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