Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Begins!

This child is cray.  She prefers to be called "Cray-J" The name suits her. 

Kory wrote down different things the kids said about me on Mother's Day.  They were in a cute jar and they were so fun to read through. I had fun matching the comment with the kid.  You forget all the crazy they make you when you read this stuff.  Especially when I read "She looks like Aladdin's daughter".  Jaylie was comparing me to Princess Jasmine.  She doesn't quite have the family ties right, but I'm glad she thinks I look like a crop top wearing Arabian princess.  And when Quinn said he wanted to take me to McDonalds and buy me ice cream.  And when Jaylie said if I were in a movie I would be a black unicorn that likes donuts.  And of course, Kanyon said "I like her hair a little bit".    

Quinn lost his first tooth during Sunday School on May 22.   

 All ready with his Tooth Fairy Pillow! 

Juney had to have her picture made too. She made sure to show her bottom teeth just like Quinn.  ha!  

The next day his other tooth was ready to come out.  He wanted Avery, the Spencer Family tooth puller, to help him pull it.  We made the all important Face Time call and got some moral support from Landry, Avery, and Aunt Mo! 

Tooth #2 GONE!  

Tooth Fairy 2 nights in a row!  

NBA playoffs continue so does the viewing parties at Gram and Chief's house.  Kanyon was tickling Quinn' back.  Sweet little things.  

We were in a bit of a hurry one afternoon and had several things to do before Quinn's baseball game. We were outside playing and I told him to go inside and gather up all his stuff for his game so we could get ready fast.  I came inside and saw this.  

Quinn and his friend Aiden ready to play in the rain! 

This is how Jaylie eats.  The rest of the family had long been done. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and saw her outside doing this.  She was supposed to be eating.  

Quinn made a Bakery 
"Bakery Welcome"  

The signs on the kitchen said "OPEN" or you flipped it over and it said "CLOSED" the yellow sign was for who was cooking.  "Q" or you flipped it over for "K".  You can also see the Ninja Turtle table all set.  

The signs got flipped.  

It was pouring outside but that didn't stop Kory and Quinn from their 1 on 1 basketball game outside. They also had a lovely cheerleader with her umbrella.  Me and Kanyon opted out of this basketball game....for OBVIOUS reasons.  

These are my crazies after Kanyon's last day of school! YAY FOR SUMMER!  

Our dear, dear, DEAR Mrs. Shelley.  She spends the entire school day with Kanyon and we couldn't ask for a better match.  Kanyon calls her his "partner". They are quite a pair and we are so so so thankful for her and the way she truly loves our boy. 

Our last small group meeting before we took a break for summer was an exciting one.  We had 4 people that wanted to be baptized.  We were excited and thankful for such a special ending to another great year with this group.  We were also thankful for such a beautiful setting.  We went to the creek on Kory's uncle's ranch. It was quite chilly in the water, but otherwise perfect.  

All the kids rode in Matt and Kimberly's car on the way back into town! CRAZY!!!  

Jaylie locked herself in the bathroom one afternoon.  I could NOT get her out.  Thankfully, Chief was in town and came to the rescue.   

I had to get a picture of Jaylie June in this outfit.  It is her FAVORITE outfit.  I can hardly get it back in her drawer before she puts it on again. She obviously isn't too concerned with the fact that the shorts and the shirt are at least 2 sizes too small! 

We had a garage sale with the WHOLE fam.  It was a fun day and we had great success.  Thanks in large part to Quinn's advertisement. 

These 2 little buddies were great garage salers! 

Q set up a lemonade stand and sold it like crazy.  

This was a tank top Rachael was selling but it ended up being a new dress for Jaylie June!!! YAY for a great garage sale find! 

We decided to cut Kanyon's shaggy hair for summer.  Here he is mid-cut.  I was glad for the ease of buzz cut, but I can't wait to see those curls again. 

For our anniversary, me and Kory ditched the kids with Tye and Rachael and went on a horse ride. It was fun to ride with no specific purpose and enjoy a beautiful evening.  It was the perfect way to celebrate life with my favorite person.  

My horse Strawberry posing for her headshot while we rode.  

Kory and Cash. 

We had an intruder at dinner.  Maybe cows like Cheetos too. 

12 years! 

What a view!  

Kory and Cash in the shadow, Me and Strawberry on top of the hill. 

These 3 had a blast with Uncle Tye and Aunt Rae Rae (and little Jona swinging in her swing in the background)

Summer is off to a great start! 


martha crockett said...

Happy 12 years!!!! Hard to believe. And what a way to celebrate--personal transportation, good food, friends you can kick back with (cows), beautiful ambiance and the guy with whom you chose to go thru life. Perfect in my opinion.

Looking forward to the Paris Post!!!

The Speck family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Cray-J is a hoot and I can just FEEL her personality looking at these pics...lover her, especially enjoying her dinner upside down outside :). The pic of K tickling Q's back absolutely melts me. Just caught up on K's episodes and I am so sorry to hear that those are still happening- that must be so scary for him, and all of you (especially Q). Much love to all in our soul family!!!