Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Texas 1

I've had some issues with my computer/photos, so I am about to completely blow the blog up with posts catching up on the summer!!!  

Turn your head sideways and you can  see that this is a basketball court/game that Quinn drew.  He would have very intense explanations of all the moves that were happening on this court.  

A few days after school got out, we packed up and headed towards TEXAS!  We were planning on leaving early in the morning, but when Kory got home, he suggested loading up and leaving right then.  We had to get some things settled with cows and stuff then we headed out of town at 9:00 that night.  We drove through the night and the kids did awesome. It was our first time to try that and it went great! We only stopped for fast food meals and gas stations (usually in the same stop) they were total troopers.  We got to Paris at midnight the next that's about 27 hours in the car.  We were SO GLAD to be laying ourselves down in good comfy beds that night!  

Ro drew this plate for Kanyon. Its John from Peter Pan, of course.  

Y'all. Donuts.  WE DON'T HAVE THEM IN OUR TOWN! And donuts are MY THING.  So it didn't take me long to get my hands on some donuts and I was not sorry one bit.  

Somehow, our Go Kart we had when we were kids still runs.  Clint took Kanyon to see it in the garage one night, so Kanyon thinks "Uncle Clint gave it to me while I was sleeping." Uncle Clint took Kanyon for a ride and there wasn't a happier kid on the planet.  Anyone with legs that long that will grasshopper them into a Go Kart for his nephew is a dang good uncle.  

The first Sunday we were there Avery and Roselyn went to Camp Deer Run for their first 2 weeks session!!!  Kanyon was excited to sit on Ro's bunk. 

The "camp look" isn't always good to us, but we sure do love being out there.  Its hard to believe we just dropped their girls off! I still feel like we should be the counselors! I guess 13 years flies by pretty quick.   

Me and the boys went from camp to Longview for the week because they were going to be doing Pee Wees at camp, so we had a great time seeing a few of our Longview friends.  (Kory had already left Texas and headed back home by this time. Quick trip for him) We stayed with Aunt Mary Lynn and Uncle Steve but I got ZERO pictures of them! ugh! I'm so bad at this! 

Here we are with our dear Gary and Sharon.  We just love them SO MUCH and are so happy to be with them any chance we get. 

CDR campers!!! 
Brody, Quinn, and Nolan.  Brody's parents and siblings are dear friends of ours and we plan on these guys being best friends when they're older.  They don't exactly know each other real well now, but I made them pose for a picture because I know this will be valuable when they are older and actual best buddies instead of just friends their parents shove together.  

We had a blast with The Venables, Rotzlers, and Briscoes one evening. We love these people so much it hurts. 

Here is Austin with the boys on the last day of camp.  Austin was assigned to Kanyon and did an awesome job with him.  The whole staff did. I'm so thankful for them and what they are willing to do for Kanyon so that he can love CDR just like everyone else.  

The Pee Wee cousins!!!  

Its not our best picture, but the sign picture has to happen, so I'll take it.  

Pee Wee's ended and me and the kids headed back to Paris.  The next morning, we were able to make good on our Mother's Day gift to mom.  Me, Rachel, Mo, and Mom did an East Texas antique/junk/whatever we want to Road Trip. So we left all the kids with Clint, Clay, and Dad and took off!  We started off in downtown Paris with a delicious breakfast and a Paris picture! 

We made a stop in Downtown Sulphur Springs at the glass bathrooms.  They are mirrors on the outside, but from the inside you can see straight out like you're in a glass bathroom.  It is a very strange feeling to be in a bathroom and see everyone around you, but they can't see least you hope! 

While we're busy doing stressful things like driving and having complete conversations, stopping at any roadside junk/antique store, eating whenever and wherever we choose, and using glass bathrooms, the men were holding down the fort with a million kids.  

Clint and his 3 spent most of the time out at my parent's house with Dad and my 3 kids.  We got this picture from Clint saying they got to looking for Kanyon and he had gone out into the garage and gotten in the Go Kart ready to RIDE! He figure out how to push the back wheel like a wheel chair to make it move.  He had a one track mind with that Go Kart! 

My cousin Kyle joined the insanity and brought his 2 girls to the party! They went swimming one afternoon and I can only imagine the fun! 

Thanks to Maggie- a friend and fellow mom who thinks of such things- showing up at the pool, they took a group picture of all the kids (minus Colbie) for us moms.  

They also stayed busy helping in the garden. 

We were happy to get updates from the homefront, but we were sure glad we weren't there because we were having a blast on our trip! We hit up several estate sales Saturday and browsed, bought, and wondered aimlessly through as many sales as we wanted to!

One of the requirements of this trip was that we each wear this fancy and gorgeous hat.  It was a *gift* to Mo from Rachel and Mo was so sweet to share it with us.  We love the bling on the hat and the nice denim material, but maybe best of all is the fact that they decided to use the Eiffel Tower in place of the R in PARIS instead of the letter A that is shaped exactly like an Eiffel Tower. Which means the hat reads more like "PAAIS" instead of "PARIS".  We appreciated the "creativity" and willingness to take fashion risks.  So we all wore the hat with pride.  

We went to a movie that started at 10:30.  Party Animals I tell ya! 

We ended the trip Sunday at CDR for Middle Sunday.  We were excited to see the little campers  Ro and Avery, and join back up with our crew.  I can't NOT brag on the men that handled the kiddos while we were gone.  They partied hard and didn't let the HORRIBLE kid to adult ratio slow them down!! Thanks Dads/Paw Paw!!! It was fun to take Mom on this trip.  She's made countless get aways possible for all of us by keeping our kids for us, so we were thrilled to return the favor and finally give her a get away.  Well deserved is an understatement! She really is the best.  

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