Friday, July 18, 2008


I was supposed to go on a girls trip to Bentonville to see some of my fav gals from college, but I didn't think a LONG trip was the best thing for Kanyon's eating situation. I spoke too soon on my last blog and he did a nose dive after we got back from Montana. I think Kory felt sorry for me, so he suggested I take a short trip to Paris just to have a little fun (not that it could replace the fun I would've had with the girls). I'm not one to turn down a trip home, so I headed to Paris. We had so much fun with my fam. I still layed pretty low (not getting Kanyon out and about too much) so as not to mess him up too much. We mostly just chilled at the house and laughed at the kids.

Here is Kanyon looking so very pleased with himself and his sitting abilities!
His therapist brought over this great thing just before we left for Paris. It is a standing frame. Now that we have braces to keep his feet in the correct position, it is time to get this boy up and bearing some weight in the standing position. Since he is obviously not strong enough to do it on his own, this little contraption stands him up and holds him while still allowing his back, legs, feet, and knees to work to keep him up. It is really great. We are so fortunate to be with the best therapy group in the world. This thing costs about $1000 and we would have to buy it even to use it just for a few months. Our therapists have one that they keep and allow patients to use it, then store it and wait for the next kid who needs it. We are so thankful to have it! When he gets this down, he'll have one that he can walk with!
While in Paris we, of course, had to go by and see Great Aunt Gwennie and Great Uncle Pee Wee at the shop.
Last time Kanyon rode a motorcycle, this time since it is summer, he wanted to ride a jet ski!
I love when he falls asleep and his lip is tucked under. He shares this trait with Avery....I think Clay and I have/had the same mouth.
Bath time in Gay Gay's sink. She took this all by herself...only my mom, the picture lady, could hold on to a wet baby, make him smile, and take his picture all at the same time.

One night we took Avery and Kanyon down to the pond to feed the fish.
Pretty sky
I'm sure Paw Paw and Gay Gay were telling these two something pretty important

Once the fish were properly fed, we rested on the swing. Avery was loving Kanyon. Right back atcha Avery.
It had been forever since he'd gotten to sit in Aunt Mo's lap!

We spent lots of time like this. Kanyon is no longer the smallest....Little Landry is smaller, but by the looks of her chub rolls, she might pass him soon!
Kanyon LOVES hats!!!!!
And Uncle Clay!
For some reason, when I saw this shirt in the store, I just had to have it. I think its funny.
Me, Clint, Clay, and Dad went out to the lake on Dad's land for a while one evening. Clint got a new wake skate so I had to give it a try...pretty cool. When we got back, we took pictures. Post lake is NOT a good time to take pictures. Oh well.
Here are the Spencer boys. Clint will be adding another one to the crew in September

I "buy" Avery and Roselyn's love by giving them rides in the Mule. You will see this in lots of pictures because the Mule is the greatest thing in the world. We gave it to Dad for Father's Day last year and it is the ultimate Grandpa mobile. He uses it for some work, but mostly for toting, entertaining, bribing, calming, and rewarding grandkids. If you are a grandpa, you should buy one of these.
Reading with Aunt Rachel.
We did the kid shuffle.
Sweet pic of Rach and Rosie with my boy. He loves Rachel mostly for her long hair!

Monday, the boys were all at work and Mom had to go to Dallas so it was just us gals with the kids. We had a great day. Not sure how many billion rides on the mule we took, but here is one with all of us. Well, Rach took it, so she's not in there. Notice how cute Rosie and Avery are in the same seat belt!
The mule ride made the kids sleepy and we starting thinking, "What if they all go to sleep!" Well, Kan and Landry fell asleep on the ride and the big girls went down for a nap when we got in...WE DID IT!! All 4 kids asleep at the same time! At first, we were really confused and didn't know what to do ..... Then we got REALLY excited!!! Landry woke up about 15 minutes later, but that was OK. She was a good girl.

Roselyn definitely showed more interest in Kanyon than ever before. She was so sweet. Both girls are so good with him. They are gentle, leave his toys alone, and know to only touch his head! Here is Roselyn and Kanyon cracking jokes.

We thought a picture would be cute....yeah...sure....maybe in 10 years.
Tickle tickle tickle
All these girls can make a boy pretty tired....he's ready for boy cousin to get here!

Eating is going better. I think he just needed to readjust to being back home. We are now giving meds by mouth and then we'll be home free!


Jessica said...

I am glad you got to go home and see your family. You are very blessed to have such a close knit family. I love the Montana pictures. Aaron would be in heaven there. I pray that Kanyon is eating better. Hope to see ya'll sunday.

Kyla said...

We really missed you so much last weekend! I'm glad to see that you had fun with your family though. You are right about the mule. My dad just got one and it is the ultimate grandkid toy. Kanyon just keeps getting cuter. He definitely has your smile and I love it! All of us girls decided that the best word to describe Kanyon's adorable face is 'angelic.' :)

Silverthornes said...

looks like a good time had. Glad you got to see the family.

sharon said...

i love that in your excited pic, you went straight for the sing song face. that's my girl!

as you know, missed you tons, but am so glad you were able to hang with your family!!

Erin Faubus said...

There's nothing better than family!

I'm glad you were able to go home to Paris for the weekend. We missed you though.

Todd says hello. Love you all...

Robyn said...

Looks like you had fun on your Paris trip--nothing like getting to spend lots of time with family!