Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doctor! Doctor! Give Me The News......

If you haven't noticed, we go to the Dr. a lot. Not really THE Dr. but A Dr. almost weekly. Kanyon has quite a list of docs that we see on a regular basis. Ideally, I would be able to time them so that I could go to all the appointments at the same time, but it doesn't work like that. But there do seem to be "rounds" of Dr. visits; Several within a few weeks. We are in one of those rounds right now, so I thought I'd share our list of Doctors and therapists.

Dr. Chris-Kanyon's neonatalogists in the NICU and is now his pediatrician. We couldn't ask for a more patient, committed Dr. He is our only Doctor in Longview

Dr. Sklar-Neurosurgeon-Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Smart. Weird. Border-line rude. Smart. Takes good care of Kanyon's brain, so its OK that he is weird. I think its pretty par for the course with Neurosurgeons. No offense to you Bowers or Muns! You're not one of "those".

Dr. Weakly-Opthamology-Children's in Dallas. Very "cool" We have only seen him 3 times, but we really like him and he's very nice. He uncrossed Kanyon's eyes and will most likely be the one that fits him with his first pair of glasses (whenever that might be).

Dr. Simeron-G.I.-Children's in Dallas-I really really really liked him. We saw him for the first time while we were at Our Children's House. He was funny and really listened.

Dr. Heyne-Pediatrician/Developmental-Preemie Follow-up Clinic at Children's in Dallas- We obviously don't see him as our regular Pedi, but we see him every 6 months for developmental type check ups. He just keeps tabs on all of Parkland/Children's preemies and has lots of knowledge about Preemies AFTER the NICU. He is so kind, patient, informative, nice, knowledgeable, laid back, comfortable. The first time we saw him, he was with us for an hour and a half just talking, answering questions, playing with Kanyon. I really really really like him and am glad we have this little place. They keep tabs on EVERYTHING so we are on top of it all.

Dr. Herring-Orthopedist-Scottish Rite- This is new. We just saw him last week and he was very nice. We will see him again in 9 months. He's going to keep tabs on Kanyon's crooked foot.

Celia and Sue-Physical Therapists- They are THE BEST therapists in the world. They are just really good at what they do and they have really taken Kanyon on. I love that they love him and are "rooting" for him. We are beyond thankful for stumbling upon these ladies. There is no telling what their work has done for Kanyon. They come to our house for therapy 2 times a week for 45 min. each.

Patti-Speech Therapy-Our Children's House at Baylor- We will get a different speech therapist when we start outpatient with OCH soon. But until then (and probably even still) she helps us SO much via phone and Email. We will go to OCH for outpatient therapy in Dallas 2 days a week. (spend one night and have therapy back to back days).

Occupational Therapy-We don't know who our OT will be when we start outpatient but we loved Dee when we were inpatient. We will do that 2 days a week at OCH in Dallas at the same time we're there for speech.

Emily-Nutritionist-Our Children's House at Baylor-She keeps up with Kanyon's weight, intake, etc. She is very kind and helpful.

Tonya-Vision Therapy-ECI Longview-We will see her to help Kanyon continue to develop is vision and his visual processing. Tanya comes to the house once a week or once every other week for about 30-45 minutes.

We will start to see a Physical Medicine Doctor through Our Children's House soon. We saw him once in the hospital (I forgot his name) and he will just make sure his therapies and stuff are on track and that his physical development is on the right track.

WHEEEEEW!!! There you have it. Sure, it is kind of tiring keeping up with all of this, but we are just so glad we have all of these people to take care of our little Grand man!

Believe it or not, there are plenty more that we have (thankfully) avoided. Lots of little preemies have to be followed by a pulmanologist, cardiologists, etc. Yeah! For not needing those!

Sorry no pics, I'm in Paris at my parents' house!


tleaf10 said...

That's a LOT of doctors! I am glad ya'll are in so many good hands. Kanyon is looking bigger and happier in every picture. I love seeing his smile :) love you all,

Leah said...

I've got a case of lovin' you(all)!
No doubt this road gets tiring. Kman is such a toughie. And so are his parents. It is great to hear that he continues to make positive progress. Love u guys!