Sunday, July 27, 2008

Porters, Shopping, Tube, Nurses

I am no longer cameraless!!! So here we go!

We hung out with our pals the Porters and Amy and I took the kids to their house while Kory and Mark worked on hanging some blinds at our house. Here are all the kids loaded up. Mallory, Kanyon, and Blake
Blake was cracking Kanyon up. He was pretty interested in Kan's boots.
Dangerous Duo
Mallory decided to join the boys for a picture...Kanyon is looking a little droopy, but he was very happy to be with them!
I just love this pic of Blakey boy
When we left the Porters it was late and we were sleepy, so Kanyon drove us home.

Sundays are hard for our little night owl. He doesn't get to go back to sleep after he eats so he's a little tired. But, he's too interested in all the action at church to go back to sleep. Here he is catching a cat nap while walking in. I just thought he looked so sweet.
If he's eating his tube, don't you think he's ready to be done with it??!!
My mom came in to town last week so we did some shopping for Julie's wedding that is coming up!!! K man was a trooper. All he needed was the cool AC and his socks to eat.

Shop til your socks drop

While my mom was here, she watched Kanyon so I could go to Kory's softball game. He ate great for her, but he puked up his tube! It had been so long since he'd used it that we decided to take that thing all the way off!!!!! So, here is the ceremonial removal of the tape! We hope this is FOR GOOD (that will be determined when we meet back up with our therapist next week).
I think he puked it out on purpose...look how pleased he is with the situation.
Here he is with the adhesive remover wipes. They make it nice and pain free!
Removal is happening....
TUBE FREE TAPE FREE!!!! the trash it goes!!! (we have more just in case, but hopefully they're not needed).

Kory took Kanyon out into the rain....
Those of you who have read from the beginning will recognize these faces! We took Kanyon up to the NICU to visit his old friends. Here he is with Tracey, Lois, Melissa, Peggy, and Jody! We were so happy to see them. We're going to have to go back up there another day and a night so that we can catch the other shifts.

These amazing ladies are now taking care of a special friend of ours. Some new friends of ours were moving to Longview in the next month and ended up having a little 27 weeker while they were here bringing a load of their stuff. She is a tiny little one coming in at 1 lb. 11 oz. but has been stable since her birth late Friday night. We are thankful to know this family, but our hearts are heavy for them as they start something that is so tough. Please keep them in your prayers. Kanyon has already whispered some micro preemie secrets to her through the window, so we're hoping he's going to help her get out of there QUICK! I know my blog readers are really good at praying for tiny babies, so please take this family on. You know what to pray for: lungs, tummy, brain, heart, infection free, and strength in every way for that family.


jasonandchaney said...

Sweet outfit in that last picture. He is getting so much bigger every time I look at your blog. Your friends are in our prayers.

Kara Sheets said...

i love seeing his big smile in all these pictures...especially the rain one. too cute!

Silverthornes said...

So good to see little Kanyon without his tube. He is such a doll! I will keep that family in my prayers. Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is Addison's Honey, just wanted you to know I have been keeping up with you all sonce the beginning, and had been really busy lately and hadn't checked your blog in about a month!!!I can't believe how much your little man has grown!!! Its like looking a different boy!!!!He looks so much stronger, and heavier, you are an amazing mom!!! He looks so good!

Jessica said...

yay for going tubeless, and yay for playing with friends! it is nice to see ya'll doing so so so great!!!

Kelly Litton said...


Thank you for taking care of our friends' family. You are amazing to me.

Congrats on the tube being out!!!

Clendenen said...

Jaymie and Kory,
Thank you so very much for taking care of our friends. It means so much to us (and the Briscoes) that you have taken the time to be there for them and get them in touch with others from the church. They will be blessed to have your friendship in Longview. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Llon, Lori, and Landon

Robyn said...

Yea about being tube-free and I'll sure keep your friends in prayer.

Erin Faubus said...

So he got to take his tube out?? Thats great! He looks so big and sweet and happy.

Erin Faubus said...

So he got to take his tube out?? Thats great! He looks so big and sweet and happy.

TexasNeals said...

yay! he's such a cutie!

Olson Family said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Your family is so cute:)