Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff

My plan was to do several short blogs, but I have a couple of things on the horizon that will need their own blog, so I want to get this one done so I can stay up-to-date. What are those things? 1-Kanyon's 18 month post. I'm making it in my mind. I think it will be fun.
2-My nephew who keeps psyching us out and pretending like he's going to come and then changing his mind and giggling at us as we pack our bags and buzz with excitement! We're putting all our chips on having him here by Saturday!

So, it is back to the same ol' way too long posts from me!

What is so great about a remote control??? He will chase this thing down when he sees me hide it under my leg or behind a pillow!
Interesting carrying technique by dad
My cousin John David got married last weekend and we had a great time! I only took one picture, but it was a good one! Here is klp with his cousin Spencer!
I had the best treat ever the other day when my great friend from high school Tracie came to town. She and her husband were here getting some things they needed so we got to hang out! It was so fun! Kanyon got a spanking for sticking his tongue out in this picture.....not really, but maybe he's trying to tell me to STOP WITH THE CAMERA!!!
A very serious boy ready for a walk. Or maybe another STOP WITH THE CAMERA moment.
My dear dear dear dear friend Pam who is the secretary at White Oak Primary where I taught sent Kanyon this blanket because she knows he loves tags. This blanket is like the never ending tag heaven. He loves it. He samples and snacks on each one! Thanks Pam!!!! You are THE BEST!
Equal to the remote control love is the phone! He loves the blue light!
I can't help but take his picture like this. He is doing really good in his standing frame!
Why are pictures from behind so irresistible to me!

CRAZINESS here....I sat his bottle down to get him out of his standing frame and he reached over and started eating! Haha!
He gave it a shot...
Then decided he'd rather just play with it instead of drink it. Great.
Ike came through here and we were out of power for a couple of days. KLP was showing klp the storm. Our power was already out and it was kinda hot, so klp was down to his diaper.

New love: baskets. Particularly this one in his room. He will spill all of his toys, ignore them, then eat the basket.

You'd think he's looking for toys, but my bet is he's trying to figure out how to nibble on the bottom of the basket.
yummy yummy weird boy
"Who you callin' weird?"
Ok, so we have an eye situation here. If you've followed, we've had an eye situation for a long time. BUT we got the ROP fixed before we came home and uncrossed the cross just before he turned 1. His vision is SOOOO much better, but he has a few quirks. One of them is that he inspects things very closely by holding them out in front of his face, then he will bring the toy RIGHT up to his left eye as if to take a VERY VERY VERY close look at it! Then it of course goes in his mouth. We're glad that he inspects things before he eats them, but aren't too encouraged by the fact that EVERYTHING goes in....oh well.

We have started our weekly trips to Dallas for Speech/Feeding and Occupational Therapy at OCH. We see both a speech therapist and an occupational therapist on Tuesday and Wednesday. This week was our 2nd time to go and he did pretty good. The Speech Therapist is trying to get him to eat from a spoon. It will be slow, but we are starting. Slow like starting with an empty spoon. He has to accept that before we move to a wet spoon (water), then we will gradually work our way up to accepting a spoon with food on it. I'm glad we're started and I feel pretty relaxed about it. It isn't like when we went for inpatient because he wasn't eating ANYTHING. We know he's getting what he needs so this will come when it comes and we don't have the pressure of time limits, weight gain, and TUBES!!! Though my arm muscles are begging him to do this sooner than later! So far we're still working with the empty spoon, we just have to break down all of his "walls" he has up when people come at his mouth with something. Understandable for a dude who was messed with LOTS! The OT is working a lot with his left arm and getting that thing moving and working. She also does a lot of things similar to PT. I'm sure the trips will get old, but we are getting to spend the night with Kasey, eat lunch with Ali, and we're getting the best help that there is, so it is worth it!
Between sessions with the therapists, I work with him a couple of times a day. This was the first time he's ever sat in his high chair. Thanks to his sitting skills, he can finally do it.....not for long, but that's ok!

All of our dentist folks will be proud....look at this boy brushing his teeth! Too bad he won't let me do it (remember the whole "people coming at his mouth thing"). But he thinks its a cool toy. We'll keep trying.

Being in Dallas 2 days a week make my list of "to-dos" a lot harder to do, so I guess I should go work on them.....or maybe I could blog again....hmmmm........


Dana said...

Jaymie, I don't know that you even would remember me but we went to ACU together. I have prayed for you and your sweet family since the babies were born. I live in Naples, which isn't too far from you and had a short visit with Dr. Chris last year with our youngest. I admire you and your husband so much. Your courage is encouraging to me. Kanyon is beautiful and a delight to read about. Just thought I would share.

Scott & Abby said...

Antawn Jamison:

You will be buff in no time lifting that little boy the way you do! He is so cute by the way [in case you didn't know already :)]...

Scott & Abby Banks

Paige said...

love the serious face!

Daphney Harris said...

He's getting so big and loosing that little baby look :( Hey thanks for the tips on how to make blogging simpler! It worked! I now blog more because of it, yeah!!! Also I've noticed that we have the same exact couch and ottoman. Too funny!! Congratulations on your new nephew too. He's beautiful just like all the babies in your family!

Phil Edwards said...

I love the toothbrush picture! My kids' baby sitter used to put a little squirt of Chlorseptic throat spray on a tooth brush when they were cutting teeth. They loved to chew on that.
Kanyon is just precious. Thanks for being so faithful with this blog. It is a real encouragement to me when I find time to sit down and read it!.
Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the
desires of your heart.
Be still before the LORD and wait
patiently for him;
Refrain from anger and turn from
do not fret—it leads only to evil.
Psalm 37:4,7,8