Friday, January 2, 2009


We have had a great Christmas! Kory's work schedule worked out to where he had quite a bit of time off, so it was great! We were in Paris for most of it and had a great time. This picture is of Kanyon and Kory at Hobbs Christmas (my mom's side). Avery and Rosie would run up to Kory and he would tickle them, they laughed and ran back and did it all over again. Kanyon enjoyed it too! This picture is not supposed to be first, but it is and I am so mad at blogger. Am I doing something wrong to make it mess up my picture order????

Here are the 3 of us on Christmas morning. Me and my brothers all stayed at my parents house during all the Christmas festivities so Santa came to one house. SO FUN! Here is Kanyon with his Santa goods. Roselyn got some stickers and within minutes she lovingly placed one on my forehead.

Here are the girls playing the tickle game with Kory.

It didn't take long for Kanyon to have his Santa experience, so Mom held him and watched everyone else. Check out his massive swirl of spike hair. It is really getting cut soon.

Back to Hobbs Christmas. Kan was VERY interested in Franklin's game!

If you've ever been to my home, you know my mom is an expert malt maker. I think that's why I had friends in high school. They knew mom would make them malts. Anyways, Kanyon had a taste of my cookies and cream one. As you can see by his cookies and cream mustache, he loved it. Seriously.

After Santa festivities in Paris we headed to Gilmer to have Spencer Christmas (my dad's side). Avery gave Roselyn a fairy dress up set. She literally wore it the ENTIRE weekend. Getting her in PJ's took some convincing, but she put the wings back on as soon as she woke up. GREAT Aunt Renee decided Avery needed a pair too, so she got a pair the day after Christmas! Santa brought them both fancy shoes and Avery got this dress. She decided she was Tinkerbell.

Kanyon chillin' with Nanny Lou

Here is Roselyn, but she prefers to be called Cinderella these days.

Kanyon was very serious about helping Dad and Great Aunt Mary Lynn open presents

Kanyon and I took advantage of his therapy free week and stayed in Paris a few extra days. My parents watched him one night so I could go watch Clint and Clay play bball. Mom took this pictures while I was gone. It makes me laugh.

When Kory holds Kanyon, Kanyon wants to be as HIGH as he can be. I wish I would've caught his face in this pic. He was SOOOOO happy!
Here is another picture Mom took that night. I don't know why watching TV pictures are so funny to me.

Another one of klp and KLP's games. He puts klp over his shoulder and then moves his legs back and forth from one shoulder to the other and the little boy laughs like there's no tomorrow!

Here is Clay with his BEAUTIFUL daughter Landry. She is sooooooooooo pretty and fun.

We enjoyed a calm New Year's here just the 3 of us and then spent a fun weekend with friends relaxing and visiting. We THINK we may have gotten out of the Christmas rush HEALTHY!!!! I don't feel like i can say it for sure yet as our festivities really just ended yesterday, so before I make the call, I'll wait a few more days to make sure nothing pops up. So, I'm very proud of Kanyon and his immune system. AND so thankful for friends and family that understand and really helped us be careful over the crazy holidays!
Happy New Year!


Sydni said...

I was all set to comment on your last post asking for a 'Christmas post'. Yay - you'd already done one. Sure looks like tons of fun and how awesome that Kanyon came through all that w/ good health!! If the big day comes when Kanyon gets his hair cut, you'll HAVE to post about that.... I'd sure like to have one of your mom's malts.

Erin Faubus said...

Looks like you guys had a good Christmas, I hope Kanyon stays healthy and keeps doing better every day. I wish we saw you all more!


mindy said...

I got tired of Blogger photo problems, so now I use Flickr. It's easy and quick! Looks like a great holiday season for your family! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in seeing this blog. This family just had quads delivered at 25 weeks.

Blake, Kenzie, Wyatt and Walker said...

Glad yall had a great Christmas! Loved all the pictures and I hope Kanyon stayed sick free!