Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kanyon's First Haircut

You know things can't just be as simple as "Kanyon's First Haircut"!! That would mean I would have to post less than 50 pictures and that just isn't my style. AND you also know I can't resist taking a stroll down memory lane...So here we are...The story of Kanyon's hair.....

I COULD NOT believe I had a bald baby. I expected dark hair, like Jayde had. Not bald! What little fuzz he did have was blond. I was blown away.
There's wasn't much to report on the hair front during his 100 days in the hospital. The real story started about 2-3 weeks after we came home. We headed to Dallas to get his permanent shunt put in. Here he is right after surgery......the birth of the spike!
Here are the scars from that surgery. I remember thinking, "I guess he'll have a bald spot here." hmmmm....little did I know, it would be more like fertilizer

Skip to November of '07...his head was almost totally bald but we started to notice dark hair sprouting from his scar.

We took this picture on the plane to MT because we just thought his hair was SOOO funny sticking up like that....

Peach fuzz started to sprout on his head, but the spike stayed out ahead of the pack and began to lay down

Or NOT lay did some crazy stuff!!

These are real too, we did not fix his hair to do has a mind of its own

ahhhh this is a sweet picture...I love memory lane

We did curl it once..with our fingers...not a curling iron.

His hair standing strong as he prepped for his eye surgery March '08

Lovin' life with awesome hair May '08

A particularly good or is it bad hair day in Montana

Remember when I showed our style options...the curl

The innocent comb over

We enjoyed the days of laughing at his hair and people mistaking it for a mohawk...then the rest of his hair started growing, the alfalfa entered the picture (probably for years to come) and the spike became less of a spike and more of a rat tail that got in his eyes and flew all over his face. klp was lookin' like a ragamuffin and FINALLY I agreed with KLP that we "need to do something about that hair".

So, what started as a tiny bald tennis ball of a head became this:

I mean really....nappy.

It was finally time to let go of the emotional bond and get my kid looking more presentable.....even if we are still on house arrest.

While I was in Paris, we went to the same barber shop my brothers went to for their first haircut and STILL go to to this day. I don't think ANYONE has ever cut their hair other than this guy...even when they were away for school, he would meet them before church on Sunday's to cut their hair when they were home for the weekend. Nolan needs a haircut in a major way, but he's a little young for the whole experience. Rach may have to trim him up until he's ready for the clippers!

Meet Butch the Barber. Kanyon must have thought he was a Dr. because he pretty much lost it from the get go.

He actually got kinda still when he started with the clippers. The vibration made him freeze...for a second or two.

"Save me SOMEBODY!!!!!!"

Butch even brushed him off with the powdered brush just like the grown ups.

Butch still has a gum jar by the cash register, so Kanyon was rewarded.
Here are the "after shots" They aren't that good. This one looks like he has a chili bowl. He doesn't, its just that his hair is darker where it is longer. In real life, it looks like a nice fade.

The spike still tries to control his hair and part it, but I still think its a better look.

No fuzz behind his ears from his smaller scar. Alfalfa? Still there.

There you have it. And all I really had to do was show you a couple of pictures. This was more fun though....for me at least!


Adam and Kristen (or doodle for some) said...

oh my goodness, he looks like such a BIG boy!!!! I can't wait for house arrest to be over so we can play!!!

Sydni said...

That was so much better than just a few pictures of the event and after. Some kids wouldn't have that much material for such a post down memory lane. I don't blame him at all for not liking the clippers - he's been through so much! Too CUTE!

ewall said...

I love Kanyon's eyebrows, he shows so much expression! The haircut looks awesome, it is cool to look back and see how much he has grown! love you j-me!

Marianne said...

Hilarious and sweet post. Kanyon's facial expressions crack me up. Love it that he had his first haircut at a real Paris TX barbershop!!! Get ready--winter will soon be over!!!!!!!!

Mindi said...

I LOVE IT! He's so grown up now!

sharon said...

that WAS more fun! i myself liked the long spike down the face. it was very rockstar! of course now, he looks like a handsome rockstar. :)

Hilary said...

so handsome!!!

Silverthornes said...

I love it!

ali said...

oh my gosh jaymie he looks sooo big now! i love the new haircut. loved all the pics too :)

Holly said...

He looks so handsome!! Even more so in person. I love the haircut!

Sarah said...

His new do looks great! Butch also cuts my dad, brother & nephew's hair. He's an institution in Paris!

Alli said...

I just realized that Sarah had signed into my computer when she was here. Sorry, that earlier comment from her was actually me. :)

daughteroftheking said...

What a handsome little guy!!

TexasNeals said...

"Butch" the barber...hmmmm, i wonder if that was the name of the butcher....i mean BARBER that cut jack's hair?!
love the walk down memory lane. the history of kanyon's hair. hilarious! :)
he is so handsome. isn't it amazing how just a hair cut ages them like 2 years?! such a little man!!! :)

TexasNeals said...

"Butch" the barber...hmmmm, i wonder if that was the name of the butcher....i mean BARBER that cut jack's hair?!
love the walk down memory lane. the history of kanyon's hair. hilarious! :)
he is so handsome. isn't it amazing how just a hair cut ages them like 2 years?! such a little man!!! :)

Molly Woodall said...

I still love the post that where you did all the hairstyles...that was priceless. The innocent one was toooooo cute!
Guess there's a curl in a Zip-Loc bag to save????????? (I STILL have Larry's....and that's been 28 years ago!)
Love you all.

erin f. said...

He looks so cute and grown up! Way to take that first step mom!

Lindsay said...

Haircuts are so fun and I love that his first was in Paris! Braden looks forward to meeting his little Deer Run friend. Maybe cabin buddies?

Jaymie- you look great by the way!

Leah said...

He is so grown up! What a cutie!!

Kyla said...

Awww! He looks so handsome. :) I don't blame you one bit for being so sentimental about his hair. I would be too!

DCVol said...

Love, love, love the haircut~ that boy is such a cutie with those beautiful blue eyes! I laughed out loud at the fertilizer comment~ the walks down memory lane.

martha crockett said...

Just think--Kanyon will have to come to Gay Gay's every summer to get his hair cut before school starts..... Traditions are such a wonderful thing. Thanks for letting us walk down memory lane with you. It was so fun!

WestTexasConservative said...

I usually cry/get angry when I see how the people at the haircut place butcher my hair, so tell Kanyon I can relate.