Thursday, January 15, 2009

I should be packing

I should be packing for my upcoming weekend/week, but I'm not. I was doing good, then I stalled out when picking out church here I am. I had a few pics that I wanted to post before I forgot about them. Oh..about that last post. Thanks for the nice comments.....I didn't post it to get those, but thanks for writing them, they do encourage me. I also NEED to say that I don't always do all of the things I'm supposed to with all of that stuff...some days are good, some are bad..some weeks are good, some are bad. Those are my GOALS that I posted. Ok. Now I feel better.

Clint and Rachel got Kanyon this University of Montana hoodie. It is so cute....Sydni, don't hate us for this...we love all MT schools. We've got lots of love for MSU too!
Kanyon was helping Kory watch some stilly video on YouTube

The weekend after New Years we actually got to hang out with some of our friends. The Colliers and The Porters both have young kids so we've pretty much not been able to hang out with them in 2 years. BUT this particular weekend, they left their kids with grandparents and we all went to Chris's family's lakehouse....It was a fun chance for us to get to have some fun with some of our GREATEST friends!
Kory went to get klp ready for bed the other night and he came out like this. Halloween. Really?
"Raise your hand if you celebrate Halloween in January!"
This weekend is our anual MLK girls weekend with my gals from college. We are all headed to Paris to wear pj pants and talk SOOO much and maybe catch a cheap movie in town and then come right back and hang out and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh. CAN'T WAIT!


Hilary said...

Have a great time!!!hehehe we just wore a pair of spider halloween pj's last night too :)

Sydni said...

I cannot BELIEVE they gave Kanyon a Griz sweatshirt! Ugh! I've been trying to do a post for two days now and there's an entire section of it w/ S all decked out in Cats stuff - even down to the socks. Oh, well. Actually, some things really just don't matter.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Holly said...

Missed hanging our last night--my silly sickly husband! Hope you have an absolute BLAST this weekend. Girl time is the best!!

erin f. said...

How fun! Have fun with the girls. You deserve it.

ali said...

have fun this wknd! he looks so big in the sweatshirt :)

Tina said...

Your posts are always so amusing! Love it and little klp is so stinking cute! It's nice to see you doing well :-)

Katie Cunningham said...


This is Katie (ACU bball camps/then ACU)...after I saw you at homecoming something would not let me stop thinking about you. As I was reading a friend's blog, I happened to find yours. I have been so blessed by reading your blog. You are the amazing person that I've always thought you were. You are a great mother and have many jewels in your crown for what you have done on this Earth. Your son is too cute. Would you please send me your email address?

Have a blessed day, Katie