Thursday, July 16, 2009

Montana Trip Part 1

We're back from the Big Sky Country and boy was it great. We got in Sunday evening, then Kanyon and I headed to Dallas Monday evening to be there for an early appointment Tuesday morning and then our regular appointments Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. NEEDLESS TO SAY...we were happy to be home in our own beds last night! Thankfully, my kan man is a trooper. So....on to the good stuff!

We were up at 4:00 am on Friday morning to catch our plane. Despite his minimal sleep that night, klp slept MAYBE 30 min. on the plane rides. Oh well. Here is the big boy in his very own seat. We had to buy him a ticket since he's over 2! UGHH! It was annoying from the $$$$ standpoint, but nice to have the space. Can you tell he's a little sleepy???!!

He traveled pretty well. We had just enough layover in Denver to walk to our next gate, so it was nice. Its for sure a stressful thing traveling with a little one, but its totally worth it to be there in 5 hours!

On the 4th, the boys were of course busy at work (hay, hay, hay, hay and more hay) but Gram took Kanyon and I to the Lewistown parade. It was fun til the muzzle loader club came by and shot off their loud guns. Not so fun for klp. But he recovered and enjoyed the AWESOME weather and the fun crowd.
That night we drove in to town to watch the fireworks. It was late because it doesn't get dark until SOOO late, so we klp was in his PJ's for the event. Yes, it was cold enough for hoods and fleece. How fun is that!? Kanyon enjoyed "his" fireworks and we're always thankful to have him with US on the 4th of July when we remember what a fight it took to get him to our house 2 years ago! :)

I know this is blurry, but I LOVE klp's face!

Gram and the KLP's watching the firecrackers.

Daddy took klp for a ride on the 4 wheeler.

Watching Chief in the baler

KLP and klp checking the windrows to see if they're ready to rake or bale....and Cooper the dog helping as usual.
There were machines busy running non stop (until it rained) so the fuel was being delivered! Kory and Tye filling up the tank.

Kory and his mom baling

klp is quite bossy these days, pointing his hand ever-which way he wants to go. Or sometimes he just does it, I don't think he even knows what he wants! Here he is trying to convince Gram to go somewhere.

Kan made a short trip with Daddy in the tractor.
Being the control freak that he is, he wanted to DRIVE!

So, he got his wish! :)

Doesn't it look like he's on a joy ride!!!!

"driving" Chief around

And no drive on the tractor is complete with out licking the steering wheel. nice.
This picture is appropriately blurry. The boy never stops moving!

This is Bruce the cat. I think it was klp's first real interaction with a cat. He of course liked it and squealed with excitement when it was near.

We took walks to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Despite what it looks like, I'm not about to jump out from behind the stroller and pounce something . Why did I pose like that??! oh well
It was such 10 days. The beginning of the week the boys got a lot of haying work done, but after the first few days, it rained quite a bit so that would put work with the hay at a stand still. They usally found other things to work on, but it wasn't quite as hectic and busy as it is when they're out ALL DAY and ALL EVENING. The rain was bad for the work, but good for the fun because we were able to spend more time all together. And it would rain and then clear up so it never ruined a whole day! Stay tuned for more of pics!


Rebekah said...

Great pictures! I LOVE the one with Kory, Kanyon, and the dog watching the baler! That's a framer!

erin f. said...

Love all the pictures...Montana is so beautiful!

Holly said...

These pictures are so good!! Montana looks so pretty! I have to say that I am a bit jealous of the cool weather. Looks like you had lots of fun, can't wait to see more pics! Glad you made it back safe & sound!

Hicks Family said...

Love part 1,2 and 3...I love Montana