Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Update

I realized that I did the first post to announce our pregnancy and then haven't said anything else about new baby! So, here we go!!!!!

This is our ultrasound picture from this past Monday. Sweet little profile.

Maybe I'll just make a list of things here:
I will be 19 weeks tomorrow
I have had 2 ultrasounds and will have another one in a week and at some point will go from having them every 2 weeks to every week. The main reason is to measure my cervix and make sure its not doing anything crazy. So far so good.
We'll have the BIG sono in a couple of weeks where they do all the measurements and such to make sure all is developing well. The ones they've taken so far everything looks good. I'm ready to have that behind me. It makes me very nervous.
We will NOT be finding out if its a boy or a girl. (that means we'll have lots of profile pictures I guess). However, due to the amount of sono's I'll be having the chances of us accidentally finding out from the techs or seeing for ourselves is pretty high. We're gonna give it a shot though.
I started taking a weekly shot at 16 weeks. So far so good. Mindi is my shot giver and she's great! She takes great care to hurt my boo-tay as little as possible. I will take it every Thursday until I'm 36 weeks. The shot has been shown to prevent preterm labor in singleton pregnancies. Bring it on. It makes me nervous (not to mention a little ouchy because its as thick as motor oil according to the nurse)to be injecting something into my body, but it scares me worse to risk NOT doing something that could help and seeing my baby WAY TOO SOON.
While I was in Montana, a very pretty nurse lady gave me my shot. She is friends with my in-laws and goes to church with them. She is also a former Miss Montana!!
I am very much showing. Strangers will now ask me when I'm due. So the part where people wonder but don't say anything is way behind me. Its safe to ask now.
My belly button is starting to flatten out. Just like with J&K.
I am just now getting over the nausea. I gag for NO REASON at any given point, but I can handle that. All day every day I'm gagging. Oh well.
I still haven't felt it move. I don't remember when I felt the twins move. This baby looked like it was swatting flies in my last ultrasounds and it was moving all over, but I still can't feel the flutters yet. I can't wait.
I have this week and next week left to travel to Dallas and then those weekly trips will end. In fact, my Dr. doesn't want me further than Tyler after that. YIKES! So, we're gonna make a trip to Paris soon to get to see the fam and then settle in here for the long haul. That means I will have to miss a few things, one being my 10 year High School Reunion which makes me sad, but I'd rather be safe.
We do not have names. We have a few for each, but it will probably take us forever to actually decide.
My belly is pointed. Same as it was with J&K. It looks funny. Oh well.
I am more tired/sleepy in my 2nd trimester than I was the first. I remember being the same way with the twins. I layed down some the first trimester, but it was more because I felt so yucky. Now its because I can't hold my eyes open!
My due date is somewhere between the 22-25th of December, but if all goes perfectly, the birthday will be the 15th. I had a vertical C-section with Kanyon so my risk is higher for complications so she told me I never need to contract again. So hopefully we will catch it before it starts to be born on its own. If not, it will have to be taken at the first sign of contractions because we can't risk it. I like the sound of December 15th, don't you!! :)
Being pregnant again makes me think so much about when I was teaching and about my class when I was pregnant the first time. I wish I was around them again this time. It was fun.
Kanyon remains clueless about his world- rocking sibling growing inside of me.
I think I'm done now. If I left anything out, I'll add it later. Thanks for keeping this little one in your prayers.


Sydni said...

Yay - the much wanted DETAILS!! Thank you! Everything sounds absolutely fabulous!

cassi rash said...

That was a great update! Thank you. We will be praying for y'all as you get further along. We are so excited for y'all!

sharon said...

oh, i love that little baby already! loved the update.

erin f. said...

Yeah! A baby update. I am glad that things are going so good and pray that they continue to. I am DYING to know what you are having, but I hope you can make it until the end without finding exciting! I think Dec 15th sounds wonderful! Love you guys.

annalee said...

such a great update. smiling with you on each of those things. i love getting to go through each week together!

Natalie said...

Oooh, thanks for all the fun details! Yes, December 15th sounds great! Here's to a nice LONG time!

April and Danny said...

James... it's so sweet to hear all the details. You guys are definitely in our prayers and we look foward to hearing about all the special little moments you'll continue to have.

We'll miss you at the reunion... but look forward to seeing your new bundle of joy even more!

The Davis Daily said...

So good to hear that everything is going well. We will definitely keep praying for healthy pregnancy for duration and healthy baby.

Anonymous said...

Jess wishes you were around too. She misses you. She tells me all the time that 2nd grade was her favorite school year and that she will always remember it.

Alaina said...

That's sad that you won't be at our reunion! Would love to see you!
Congrats on the pregnancy, hope it goes smooth and lasts until at least 36 weeks!
Love reading your blog and seeing that little cutie Kanyon!

Specks said...

You have no idea how happy I am for you guys....that precious little baby is so blessed to have you guys as parents and K as his/her big brother! KJS

Brook Speer said...

So glad to hear that everything is going well with you and the baby!!! I had those same shots from 16-36 wks. I have some tips to make them less painful. Feel free to call me anytime!

-Brook Speer
(936)439-9485 (hm)
(936)436-2123 (cell)

Bounty said...

I love your ultrasound belly pic!!! So cute! Congratulations. I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like like it! Just had my first little boy, such a wonderful experience. If you are thinking of names by the way, check out where you can search names by meaning and origin. My little boy is called Marlow and he is just perfect. Fingers are crossed everything goes well for you xx

Anonymous said...

I had not been on your blog in quite some time, so I didn't know about the new baby. Congratulations to you, Kory and Kanyon! Kanyon has grown so much and is SO cute! I will be praying for you and your pregnancy.
Cheryl Hawthorne

Jodi said...

Praying like crazy for that little squirt!!!!! Brooklyn said she is partial to the 9th, I am of the 17th, but Dec 15th is awesome too. :) I am SO glad that entire post was in the category of "so far, so good." Fabulous. LOVE YOU! Can't WAIT!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy and excited for you guys!!! We'll keep you in our prayers,but it sounds like everything is and will be wonderful...
PS: Take lots of naps when-ever you can!

Anonymous said...

Jamie, the last email was from me and I do not know why it said annoymous...??? I am such a computer whiz! HA HA

Olson Family said...

Glad everything looks good so far! We will be praying for this little one!

Paige said...

It just dawned on me, after reading this for the second time that you WON'T be there for THANKSGIVING! What a bummer for me. I am selfish that way. I am sure that all the cousins will miss you, and YOUR MOM, but I will miss you! GLad everything is going well! We will need to order you a new circle for your necklace!!!!!

Kate said...

Thanks for the baby update. I've been praying and thinking about you and that sweet new little one!

Lacey said...

sounds like everything is going great!! we will keep you and the little one in our prayers! ryan is going to hate that you're going to miss the reunion, but will COMPLETELY understand! :) -- i LOVE kanyon's new ride! i will have to ask my teachers if they know about AmTrykes, i've never heard of them!

Anonymous said...

Really such a great update. smiling with you on each of those things. i love getting to go through each week together!

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