Sunday, July 19, 2009

Montana Trip Part 3

Ok, this is my last series of pictures and believe it or not, there are tons that I still want to post.

OH MAN I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Kanyon gives pretty good kisses and he didn't want Sayler to leave without one.

"reading" with Aunt Sydni, Gram, and Sayler. I love how he's cutting his eyes towards the book
Kanyon and Aunt Sydni!

We went over to the Fosters for a little visit and I DIDN'T GET PICTURES OF THEM WITH THE KIDS!!! But we had a great visit. Of course they had dump trucks and bubbles for the kids to play with!

Kory with sweet baby Hayven!!!!!!!

You can't walk into the Phillips house and NOT play cards.....or eat cards.

Hanging out with Uncle Tye and Gram

Kory's aunt Julie and uncle Aaron came to Lewistown for the weekend. We always love seeing them and their fun kids. I managed to only get a picture of Isabelle and Eloise, but we loved seeing Aidan and new little Ainsley too.

We enjoyed a nice visit with Kory's grandparents Bob and Fae one afternoon. They are always fun to be around.
Big buddies

How funny is this picture?!!! The ones after it are funnier because he's "melting". Kory helped him stand long enough to take a big boy picture with Sayler. Look how cute she is with her arm around his neck.
Gram found this gummy snake thing and Sayler was eating part of it. She gave Kanyon a part to lick and he liked it!

Out of order....brothers switched kids!

back to the gummy snake...see him hesitantly lick it!! :)


The last evening we were there, the boys saddled up Cowboy Uno and let Kanyon go for a ride. Oh man, he just looks so cute to me sitting on a big horse. I can never decide if he looks tiny or if he looks HUGE and all grown up! Wes practiced roping Kory's feet.

Here we are. When on vacation, my looks are never too high on my priority list, so I'm embarrassed to show this picture....I look rough. (NOTE TO SELF: make personal appearance a little higher on the list next time)

Checking out the horses with Daddy

Riding with Chief

big boy on the saddle

Chief was showing him how to hold the reins....and yes, even making him try to hold with his left hand. EVERYONE knows his tricks! :)

petting Uno after a great ride

The 2 cowboys relaxing a little bit
Kory took a little spin himself.
Flying with Uncle Tye

Our time with family is never long enough, but we had a great visit!!!


DCVol said...

Such great, great pics! I cannot get over how BIG Kanyon is and how GORGEOUS the scenery is there.... beautiful family times and the kissing pic is such a framer. I totally laughed at your comment about the boombox lamb song~ I always tell people to be prepared to hear Aretha Franklin singing because it sounds so funny coming from a Fisher Price toy. Speaking of, I think they have stopped making that toy, so we are in trouble and must find a back-up ASAP (!). I will email you with more banter soon :). KJS

sharon said...

are you kidding?! you look ADORABLE. so glad y'all had such a great time. i, too, loved the kissing pic. :)

Sarah said...

I love the family pic, you're such a cute pregnant lady!:) Glad y'all had a good vacation.

Paige said...

When I saw your prego family photo, I got teary! I love you. Glad you had a good visit.

mindy said...

I've enjoyed all 3 installments of the Montana trip. Kanyon is growing up so fast and that smile is melting! You look great - praying every day for each of you! Hugs!

Shanna said...

Looks like you guys had a great time and I loved all the pictures!! Montana looks beautiful!!!

Holly said...

Once again, these pictures are simply awesome!! You took some great pics!! I love the one of Kanyon standing up next to Sayler!! It is so cute. And you are looking very cute & preggo these days!

Chelsa said...

love all your pictures! glad you had a great time!

pruittsplace said...

is that a mueller barn?

Leah said...

I love the bump, the kisses, and seeing how grown up he is. Gosh...