Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Montana Part 3

This was the playground of choice for the kids this trip.  They loved the rocks in the driveway and the old trucks and tractors that their Dads played with when they were little.  

Sweet, funny little Hayven has a tough time keeping her britches up! :)  

All 4 cousins busy playing

Hayven and Sayler loving on Cooper.  

This is a picture Sydni took of Tye's pet.  Its a hawk that for the last 3 years follows him through the fields when he cuts and bales the hay.  I never got to see him, but Tye has pretty neat stories about him.  Pretty cool, huh?  

klp rode with Chief to check on the heifers.  And yes, thats his "CHEESE" smile.  *smile* not sure thats the right word! :)  

KLP, gram and Quinn followed in the Rhino

And Me and Sayler on a 4 wheeler.  We had to pick some pretty flowers while we waited on Chief and Kory to move a bull.  

Sayler with our flowers, klp trying to snuggle with Sayler, and qsp trying to steal a flower.  Sweet Sayler tolerate it all with a perfectly pleasant smile! :)  She's a gem, I tell ya! 

klp joined Tye for his late dinner.....another "CHEESE" for klp.  oh dear. 

Q decided he wanted a fork AND a knife to eat his supper with.  

qsp brought me his boots, "requesting" to wear them.  Pretty cute. 

Sayler and klp on one of their many Rhino rides.  There is some sort of handle/strap thing and klp liked holding on to it.  

One night we went over to one of Kory's high school friend's house.  Ryan and Amy grilled a yummy supper and their sweet daughter Olivia was lots of fun.  She and Quinn are only a couple of months apart.  And they have a yellow/white lab that was lots of fun too! 

Another high school buddy, Ryan came too.  Here is Ryan S. with KLP and the boys and Ryan D. with Olivia.  These 2 made the trip to Texas for our wedding!!! What great friends!!  

klp made several rounds with Chief on the swather.  He did really good and enjoyed the riding and "driving"

And here's the whole fam!!  Tye, Quinn, Kanyon, Kory, Gram/Susan, Me, Cheif/Wes, Syndi, Hayven, Clint, and Sayler.  What a FUN TIME!  I really love these people SO MUCH.  

aaaaaand then the downer of having to make the trip home.  The boys actually did OK flying.  Despite a VERY VERY VERY VERY close call making the plane in Billings, we had a pretty good trip.  By the last flight home, Quinn was done with the plane and having to sit in someones lap.  Neither boy slept (even though they'd been up since 4:30).  We had 3 seats together so we didn't have to worry too much about bothering people beside us (just in front of and behind us!).  I packed what I thought were great entertaining toys and books, but the toy of all toys that kept qsp occupied the longest was the terrible random airline magazine "Hemispheres".  Seriously i bet he looked at that thing for 30 min.  at one time and then several other chunks of time too.  Whatever works!!   

I put duck tape over the speakers of some fun light up/song toys that klp espeically likes.  That kept the noise from bothering other people, but entertained them pretty well.  

By the time we got off the plane and to the hotel shuttle, q was falling asleep sitting straight up.  We had to unfold the stroller to carry everything from the hotel door to our car.  Sleepy Quinn was out in seconds. 

And in a few minutes, we were on the road and they were both asleep!  

It was a great week of laughing, talking, eating, playing, working, with AWESOME weather and EVEN BETTER FAMILY!!

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