Thursday, July 14, 2011

Montana Part 1

We just got back from a great trip to KLP's home in Montana.  It was a blast.  The older the boys get the more fun we have!  There will, of course, be at least 2 installments of our adventures, so here is the first. 

This was in the car on the way to Dallas Friday night.  Our flight left at 6:20 a.m. Saturday, so we went over the night before.  klp decided he needed my sunglasses.  

Not sure what is going on with my typing.  But the above picture is from the hotel.  The boy was all over the place in that bed.  

And here we are in the Denver airport.  We have a connection there and it is usually a really quick one.  Its just enough time to get to the gate, let the boys loose for a bit, then board for the next flight.  

We made it to Billings by 9:30 (MT time) so it made our 4:15 wake up call worth it when we had all day Saturday!  We made a stop and Wal Mart and Wendy's and headed to Lewistown. They both did pretty good on the plane, better than I expected, so that was nice.  But, neither of the boys slept on the plane rides, so Q CRASHED in the car.  I guess klp was too excited because he never took a nap all day!  

Clint and Hayven got there Sunday evening.  klp, Hayven, and qsp were looking out the window at Cooper.  Havyen LOOOOOOOVES Cooper.  They all do, but I think Hayven loves him the most! 

Monday, the 4th we went to the parade in town. I love parades so this is always fun.  In the past, the boys have been busy working so its just been me and Susan that go, but this year Clint and Kory went with us! About half way through, Sydni and Sayler got there too.  

KLP, klp, qsp, Hayven, Gram/Susan, Clint

My boys watching the parade.  

Gram and Hayven....H was our candy fetcher.  She would go get it when they threw it and bring it back for us to enjoy! :) Sweet sweet girl.  

They passed out flags. I just think the little flags waving in the hands of little kids is so cute.  Classic, patriotic.

Me and Sydni with the kiddos.  

They started cutting hay the day we got there, so Tye and Wes were doing that while we were at the parade.  We took pizza out there for lunch and had fun ALL BEING TOGETHER!! When they are busy with hay, its hard to get everyone together at the same time! 

Sayler and klp picked up right where they left off.  I mean he LOVES this girl.  She is beyond sweet to him even though she's older than him.  She plays with him and reads to him and is just so precious.  

That evening we gathered the cattle to get ready to ship the next morning.  Gram and the 2 big kids rode in the rhino while a girl from church came out and watched the little 2 kids at the house so the rest of us could enjoy the gather.  

The 2 Big cousins! 

Getting ready to gather.  Tye and Wes talking over the plan of action.  

Sydni rode Uno and Clem (the dog) was tons of help, I'm sure.  :)  

I can't resist a picture from this view.  We were up above the house and could see town from where we were.  It was a beautiful time of day too.  And in a weird way I think the cows are pretty.  

Wes and Sydni on the 2 horses. 

Mountains, setting sun, green grass, and cows :)  

headed in the right direction.....

Once we got them all in the corrals, klp was checking out all the cows.  

If you can't tell, he's "MOOOOOO" ing back at the was hilarious.  He was mooing so loud and of course, all the cows were VERY loud.  He was getting such a kick out of it and so were we!

Here he is in his "moo" off with the cows. Oh man I love this picture! 

Then klp and Sayler got a quick ride on Uno.

Does this picture tell a story or what??!?!! We were trying to get a picture and klp kept playing with Tye's hair!!! HAHA!!!  

Chief gave klp his rope while he rode his horse. :)  

Clint, Sayler, Tye, klp, and KLP.  Fun times together.  

More to come!  


Specks said...

Cannot even tell you how much Kanyon melts my heart. I get teary every time I see him~ such a special little man, he is! The pic of him mooing at the cows is beyond awesome. And that little Quinn = adorable. He reminds me of Jackson so much~ I love that he is 10 months older so I can know what to expect :).

Sydni said...

I burst out laughing at the picture of Kanyon pulling Tye's hair. My favorite picture of these may just be the one of Kory and Kanyon from the back, at the corral. It was SO, SO great to see your precious, wonderful family.

Marianne said...

OK. "MOO OFF" pic is a contest winner. That along with the picture of your dad holding the umbrella over klp on the beach. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Great trip. Beautiful country. Precious, precious family.

Kelli said...

Looks like a fabulous time! Your boys are growing so fast, and they are both PRECIOUS! I, too, loved Kanyon's moo-off with the cows - adorable! The scenery is gorgeous, what an amazing place!

JeremyNSunny said...

So, yes, I stalk your blog. Maybe you don't even remember who I am, hahaha! (eye roll) :\ Anyway, I'm Sydni's sister, and I just can't stay silent on the pictures you're posting of your time in MT. Of course I've seen one perspective, but this second one is equally precious and wonderful. Thank you for being one of my sister's treasured sil's. Your family is a joy and I'm thankful for you!!