Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, July31 update

Well, today has been a pretty slow day.  We welcome the slower pace after the last few days of hectic craziness!  His blood checks came back with steady numbers that were all moving in the right direction.  His toxin count was lower and his potassium count was normal.  He is still a little low on red blood cells and may require a little boost of blood today.  BUT because the numbers were where they were, they didn't think it was necessary to do a dialysis treatment today.  It gave his little body a chance to rest.  And that is EXACTLY what he's done.  He has been calm and asleep most of the day.  He is still pretty uncomfortable from the surgery and the cath site is very sore, but we are hoping that will improve.  We really need to NOT use strong pain meds since his kidneys aren't working, so we are managing his pain with only Tylenol.  So far though, that has been enough, so we are glad. 

We moved down to a regular room on the "kidney floor" where we will make our home for the rest of our stay here.  Its nice to have our own bathroom and a little more peace and quiet than in the ICU.  The plan is to do a dialysis around 6am in the morning and we will pray that all goes well with that.  This is not going to be a speedy recovery.  It is a slow boat, but we just hope to see the numbers move in the right direction.  An increase in blood platelets as well as him peeing would be really GOOD signs.  Those would be signs that his kidneys are working.  We have been told it could be days or even weeks before we see these, but we are of course, hoping for those positive signs SOONER rather than later. 

As I type this, Kanyon is eating a little bit of grilled cheese and applesauce and even a bite of chicken nugget.  This is the first real food in a week, so we are excited!  They are allowing him to drink water because he is so thirsty.  However, since we are having to watch our fluids, he is on a very restricted fluid intake.  We are glad to see him eating and drinking! This will keep him from having to go on TPN (an IV fluid that replaces food). 

He will have a blood draw this evening and it will give us info and set us up for what we hope to accomplish tomorrow. As long as nothing major changes, I'll wait and update again tomorrow after the treatment.
I know I keep saying this, but THANK YOU. This support makes ALL the difference. I really think this experience would be absolutely unbearable without such incredible support. You are literally holding us up through a very very tough time. We don't feel alone and that makes all the difference. 


Jodi said...

Bless his little heart.... boy, eat the HECK outta that grilled cheese!!! (remember when we used to check the blog for Eating Camp updates?!) Thankful for a restful day... and btw, I have everyone I know praying for y'all! LOVE YOU.

Thanks for the updates, Jme. I know it isn't easy to take the time out and to put it all down in writing, but THANK YOU. Hugs, my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Vicky Pruitt...Thanks so much for the updates! Now that my needs are met...Sooo glad to hear that Kanyon is resting so well. I know that he needs food and to pee, etc. but I can't help to think that rest is a tremendous help to his overall situation. I continue to pray for him, but, I also pray for you, mom and dad, for rest and peace and hope. And for whatever else you want/need. We know that Quin is in hog heaven with the grandparents. May God continue to bless yall. Oh yes, what can I do for yall? Need something?

Leah said...

Love you girl. Praying for you guys.

Go To Girl said...

I just read this aloud and Brady immediately said, "I need to pray about this.". He proceeded to say a very nice little prayer for Kanyon. You're all in our minds and hearts. Thank you for taking the time to update all your readers.

Missy Saintignan said...

I wanted you to know that your family has always been inspiring to me. Ya'll are such a perfect example of how faith and family can get you through the hard times.
Luke and I have been blessed in the area of Rheagan's health but if we are ever in your boat, I pray we will handle it as well as you have!

I know we've been having trouble with this E. Coli and Shigella at ACA. Do you think we had some cross-contamination with church and school or is this going around at other places as well? I'm so sorry Kanyon got it and we will be praying! Let me know if you need anything from home while you're there. :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented yet but have been keeping close tabs on your posts... Hate that Kanyon is going through this. Love ya'll and am praying for all of you. Might be in Texas in a couple weeks - I will come see ya'll at the hospital if you're still there - I've done it before! :) Thanks for the updates. love yall!
-Terri Lee

Kate said...

Jaymie, I am so sorry to hear all that is going on with Kanyon. I am praying for positive results from the dialysis and for his recovery. You and Kory and Quinn are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love you friend!

Kelli said...

So thankful for some good news! Praying for all of you, and praying for continuous improvement and healing for sweet Kanyon. Y'all hang in there, and please let us know if you need anything at all. :)