Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quinn's "Bear Party"

 We celebrated our Q man last  Friday night and had a great time.  The theme was Camping/Bear.  Quinn has a bear that he LOVES, so we somehow settled on a "bear party" but for fear of it becoming a baby-ish teddy bear party....(no baby stuff for this big boy!) We went the camping/bear route.  The days leading up to the party, he just kept saying "bear party" all the time. And now he calls all cakes "bear cakes" or, as he often said, "cake bears".  My fam came in to town and our cousins/aunt and uncle that live here came over and we had a great time.  The weather was PERFECT so the outdoor camping thing worked great!  

He's holding "THE BEAR" that started all of this in the picture.  

Helping paw paw get the fire started.  We borrowed my aunt and uncle's fire pit, set up a tent, and roasted hot dogs and s'mores.  It was fun.  

Cousins in the wagon.  Sucker Paw Paw pulling them all over the yard.  

This was the first time I've ever done any sort of treat or favor (I guess I'm a lame party thrower).  But I saw these ideas online and thought they were too cute.  Little s'more treat bags. Marshmallows, Golden Grahams, and Chocolate Chips.  The favors were flashlights (what kid doesn't LOVE flashights) and bear shadow puppets. I saw the shadow puppet idea somewhere and had to search a little bit to find a good bear to use for the cutouts.  They had fun doing the puppets in the tent and of course the flashlights were a hit.  And, again, the beloved bear is in the picture. 

Singing to the Birthday Boy!  He was bashful but thrilled with the singing! :)  

He did great trying to blow out the fire/candles, but after a little drool dripped on the cake....

I decided I better help him. :) 

Big Brother was loving all the cousin fun and since the boy could live outside, he was in heaven.  More on the butterfly bandages later.... :(

My little fit thrower.  SHHHEEEEESH!  He didn't want his picture taken.  That only made me take more. 


The marshmallow and chocolate/ketchup face only adds to the greatness!

Paw Paw, klp, and KLP chillin' by the fire. I think they were the last ones to come in....somewhere around 10:00!! 

When we all got in, the cousins that had to drive back to Paris got their PJ's on and we opened presents they brought. Its always funny and cute to watch them ALL be SOOOOO EXITED!  We got Quinn a baseball tee, so we're excited for him to get to hit the ball off of the tee instead of KLP's hand! 

I wish I had a picture of his face! He would open his mouth real wide and gasp when he tore the paper open.  He could barely even see the present in the crowd of excited "helpers" but he's definitely got the exaggerated reaction down! 

Gay Gay and Paw Paw got him a new belt buckle just like klp's to go with his new boots Gram and Chief got him.  He's been in between sizes in boots, etc. for a while, so he's excited to have them again! 

All the girl cousins have matching PJ's and we were trying to get a picture.  Mom took a picture of us trying to get them to look and smile.  Aren't we sooooo cool and funny.  Sheesh....embarrassing.  

It was a great fact, so great that it was 11:30 before my kids went to bed! :)  Happy Birthday Quinn!


Sydni said...

You are so good at parties/themes/decorating all of it! Wow. I think I'm doing well when we get balloons. Good job celebrating that amazing boy!

sharon said...

LOVE this! how fun! happy birthday, quinn!!!

Kyla said...

You always do the cutest parties! My favorite was imagining the kids with their bear shadow makers and flashlights. Such a great idea! I would love to catch up sometime soon... Been feeling a little sad that it's been a YEAR since I've seen any on my girls. :(