Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gone Fishin'

A few weekends ago we were in Paris and the weather was just toooooo perfect! The kids spent lots of time outside and one night we got lots of good fishing in.  

"Fishing" includes things like torturing the fish in the tank, pouring water from the tank to the pond, splashing, throwing rocks, etc....

klp, Mallory, and Avery

For this boy, fishing meant FISHING.  He loved it.  He was so serious about it and concentrated so hard on reeling it in. It was melting me on the spot.  

klp needs a little help reeling since it requires both hands. 

Usually we end up taking the line and hooks off klp's rod because all he wants to do is fling it around and hit the water.  I'd rather not get hooked, so we just hand him the rod and reel. He's happy, we're safe, so it all works out.  

Right as we were getting ready to leave my Dad and Q took off to try and catch one off the bank.  Seconds later, Q reeled in his fish!!  Perfect team work with Paw Paw casting (and hooking) and Quinn Man reeling it in! He was cautiously excited and VERY pleased.  He was so happy!  So was klp, you would've thought HE had caught the fish with all the cheering he did! haha! 

He was happy to touch the fish.....

 and so was klp...

We headed in after that, but Quinn and Paw Paw continued their teamwork carrying the rod and reel together.  :)

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Marianne said...

Nothing sweeter than the guys fishing!!