Wednesday, May 30, 2012


These pictures were from Easter morning, but they kinda cracked me up so I'm posting them....

Fighting over the flashlight....

Q in tears, klp taking off on his walker.  So much for pictures.  

qsp picked up the phone and started talking to his Uncle Tye.  :) "Uncle Tye???? Are you there?? I can't hear you?"

Pizza outside with our girlfriends Chandler, Ally, and Mabry.  Ally and Mabry now have a BABY BROTHER so my boys will have some manly company!!  

Our friends Gary and Sharon came over for dinner one night last week.  My boys love them so much!  klp got Gary to read him his favorite book "There's an Alligator Under My Bed".  FUN! 

q joined in some.  

Sharon was next in line to read the book.  My boys just prey on the suckers!! They know they'll read them anything anytime! haha!  

I have a phone picture post coming up.  OH dear. More randomness!  

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