Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day in Gilmer

Most of my Dad's fam was able to come to Gilmer to Nanny's for Mother's Day.  It was such a fun weekend.  My kids were the only little ones, so they ate up all the attention! 

Summer=clothing optional

Of course there was lots of fishing going on.  This was the perfect spot for klp.  He was close enough to the water without getting in it! 

q's turn to hold the pole and I'm SURE this pic captures klp begging KLP for his fishing pole! 

Cousin Nathan snagged a fish and let Q reel it in.  

The guys played bocce ball all over the yard.  It was loud and crazy and fun!  the klp's are enjoying the bocce ball show....

Aunt Renee, Robin, and Nanny were sweet to share the swing with the boys. 

An action shot of the players....they played til well after dark.  

It was a great weekend with great family!

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