Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Phillips so far

***my last post had some Kanyon greatness on it, so don't miss it if you're seeing this!**

My great friend Mindi took some pictures of us a couple of weeks ago. I was mad at myself for not planning outfits sooner than 1 hour before pictures, but oh well.  As you can see, I'm growing and growing!  I am 31 weeks so I'm nearing the end of the time when I'm paranoid 24/7.  I've seen my Dr. every week since 24 which gets kinda old, but what doesn't get old is sonograms every other week!  Of course the baby has had its hand in front of its face almost every time, so we don't have a ton of good pics.  Its also breach which, since I have to have Csection, doesn't really matter to me.  I have 5 more weeks of shots and I'm looking forward to that being over.  YOOOOOUUUUUCH!!!  

I feel pretty good.  My back has hurt more this time, but something tells me that has as much (or more) to do with the 30 lb. boys I already have than the bundle I'm carrying inside me! :)  I still haven't completely lost the nausea. Not sure what the deal is. I still have days where I feel yucky, can't eat certain things, and even gag for no reason.  Nice.  I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever go back to normal! This baby is CRAZY. I don't remember my others moving this much, maybe they did and I just forgot, but this thing is WILD! My tummy is visibly moving all over the place all the time.   I really love it and it just never gets old.  This has been a very different pregnancy in a lot of ways which, if you believe the theory, means its a girl.  But I don't think I really buy any theories. I sort of just think its 50/50 no matter what. 

The boys have changed their tune a little on the gender. Up until a couple of weeks ago, Kanyon always said GIRL and Quinn always said BOY.  They usually stick to those predictions, but a few times, they've switched it up on me. hmmmmmmm.  What do I think it is?  I think I think its a boy (does that makes sense???).  With Quinn I really had a strong feeling he was a boy. I don't have a strong feeling, but I leaning towards boy.  I don't know if its because its just my default guess or if its because everyone else is convinced its a girl.  I would love to have a girl, but I also think there is something kind of charming about 3 boys.  And cheaper.  However, as I packed up clothes and stuff, I'm beginning to wonder if some of these clothes can make it through another boy! :)  We are nowhere close to having names.  Oh dear. 

The boys' room is coming together and I'm hoping to have Q in his big boy bed in the next week or two.  I'm nervous to say the least. Not so much about the beds, but about the room sharing part. Yikes. Nothin' like TONS of changes right before a new baby.  All of their stuff is already in one room and I love having one place to go to put up their clothes and stuff. 

We are nearing the home stretch with this baby and feeling soooo excited. It seemed so far off for so long and all of a sudden I realize how close it is.  I think the boys will do fine with the addition and other than dreading the surgery, I'm looking so forward to doing the newborn thing again.  So here are a few pics of "all of us".....

I mean really...REALLY? Is this not the best picture?? It wasn't even on purpose. I got up because my booty was tired of sitting on the bumpy rock concrete. I'm glad I did!!!  I don't belong in this blue eyed picture anyways.  

We were just planning on getting boots....bad idea by me.  But we all agree that this picture is pretty hilarious.  

Luckily Mindi's brain is better than mine and she suggested taking them off.  Haha. Cute.  Its so fun to wonder if those little boots will be worn with little hand me down Wranglers, or a new denim skirt!!!!


Kelli said...

Girl, you are one of those women who looks BEAUTIFUL pregnant! Your little belly is so cute! I love all the pics, your boys are just precious. And I love the boot pictures - such a fun idea!

Marianne said...

Picture of the guys is wonderful. You look FANTASTIC!! Boot pic is too cute. Jaymie, you amaze me. So proud of klp. Can't wait to meet the next Phillips!!!

Sarah said...

Your family is so beautiful and you look gorgeous!

Kyla said...

Oh my goodess, you're getting so close!! I LOVE these pictures. You look so beautiful in all of them! I'm dying to know if you're having a boy or a girl!! You're right...there's no telling. We've got to have a phone date soon!! By the way....HAPPY BIRTHDAY as of June 24th. :) We were in Ruidoso and I totally forgot... I've thought about it so many times since...I know you don't care, but really, I hope you had a great birthday!!