Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kanyon goes to Camp

Kanyon's actual age has dictated very few things in our life.  From the beginning, his "real" age was almost a non factor.  He had separate growth charts, developmental expectations, and he never wore clothes sizes that went with his age.  He just recently left the nursery at church and joined a bigger class.....but still younger than his real age.  We've just kind of done what worked for him wherever he was in his little world.  Even our school decisions haven't depended on his age, we've just done what seemed to fit him.  BUT you get to go to Day Camp at Camp Deer Run when you turn 5 and all of a sudden, I played the "He's 5" card!! :)  So, last week, Kanyon had his first real CDR experience.  We went the same week Roselyn and Avery went and while we "did" Pee Wees we did it with our own little flair.  For starters, we only did 2 days.  All 4 would've been too much or him.  And I was at camp all day to help change clothes, etc. and he had his own designated staff member to help him do the things he needed help with (and carry him around).  He stayed with the group all day minus the time I would take him to change him or whatever. He did great playing with everyone and had fun.  He hasn't said a whole lot about it and we aren't sure if because we made such a big deal about it, he is playing it cool (which he's been known to do) or if he was just a tad bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.  Either way, he did great and had fun and we are so glad he got to enjoy camp with other kids.  I managed to snap a few pictures when I saw them around camp, but I didn't get a ton because I know from experience the last thing those staff members need is the Pee Wee's PARENTS following them everywhere! Haha!

Here he is with Paden, his go-to guy.  He is actually our cousins cousin (got that?) and he was so sweet to us and Kanyon.  (When will klp stop closing his eyes when he tries to smile??)

Lucky for me and Quinn, Janelle and Drayton let us hang out with them all day (Janelle and her husband are the directors so they live there all summer).  Q and Drayton are only 6 weeks apart so they had big fun playing all day together.  

Cousin Blake had a break from his group and spent it feeding the boys peaches!!  They were proud of their peaches.

Though it looks like they are ignoring each other in this pic, they really did have fun together.  

They even tried to steal the old antique car. 

This is Chaney, she grew up in our youth group in Longview and is working at CDR this summer. We were so excited to hear that she was working Pee Wee's while klp was there.  She was a huge help too!  

She even let Q in on the fun for a minute.  They loved watching the bigger kids play ping pong 

One day, Rachel came out for part of the day since Roselyn was there.  We told Nolan and Q to show us their teeth for a picture (trying to get a smile) and this is what we got....oh dear. 

But then Q got this sweet look on his face.....

 This was supposed to be a SILLY PICTURE.  Q flashed a great smile and Nolan shot us the bird.  We're gonna have to keep an eye on that kid.  

Q and Drayton taking a rest break.  Again, we said "show us your teeth" and Q opens wide and D sticks his tongue out.  I guess I need to come up with something new to say.

 I had to take klp up to the cookout so I snapped a few pics of our kids. Most of these other kids are from my church back home so its my friends' kids.  Fun to see them all having fun together.  

Here they are listening to the story

Must've been a good story to keep klp occupied enough to stay away from the fire.

I looked up a couple of minutes later and this is how klp and Roselyn were sitting.  He loves her so much and she is so sweet to just let him fall all over her.  

....and even lets him smell her hair.

 Payden Daniels let the SWEETEST prayer for the food. I'd like to point out that Roselyn was not in proper prayer posture.  

 I tried to get these 3 with their hot dogs and this was the best I got. Avery was the only one that would cooperate.  

Before changing for swim time klp and Nolan gazed out the mess hall window for a while

 Rachel took these of swim time.  klp, of course, loved swim time.  Especially the slide! 

Here are the cousins with Tyler (and I'm not sure who the girl in pink is???)

And again with Paden....

It was a fun couple of days for klp and we look forward to many more years of CDR fun!!!


Gay said...

FUN seeing all the cousins at CDR!!!

annalee said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! you are such wonderful parents and i loved seeing the pics of him in your happy place! let the next generation of CDR begin:)