Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phone Pics

Its been a while since I've downloaded my phone we go....

This is our friend Micah.  He rides his horse right before Kanyon.  As soon as we get there, he's getting off his horse, so the boys help push him to his car.  Celia (Kanyon and Micah's PT) is helping too.  

This was Q's version of dressing the magnetic sports kid.  Less is more Q, less is more.  

I found these cheap little microphones and the boys LOOOOVE THEM. Its a non stop concert around here.  

Cool dude giving me the thumbs up on the way in to wal mart.  

Just a cute pic one morning before church.  

Making a birthday card for Gram

I get an ultrasound every other week, so I've had lots of fun seeing baby.  My mom was with me one day and took this pic.  So far all looks good and we are set for a BIRTHday on August 9! I'm thankful to be 29 weeks....and counting.  

reading with Gay Gay

I really look like chubby face in this pic and I like to think its just a bad angle.  Anyways, the point of the picture is, one day Q asked me if he could lay on my baby.  :)

We ate at this catfish place one night and Q had his first ice cream cone.  He was in heaven.  

klp isn't much of a sweet dessert kind of guy so he just wanted ANOTHER piece of fish for dessert.  He loved it! haha!! 

Totally cool.  

We picked K up from school one day and Q immediately wanted to hold his hand.  Sweet brothers.  Glad I was able to snap this pic at the stop light.  These sweet moments are sometimes outnumbered by the not-so-sweet ones.  

We borrowed the neighbors toy lawn mower one night while KLP mowed.  The boys LOVED IT! Q was pretty much way too scared to get close to the mower, but he was sure doin a good job on the driveway! 

klp's turn

And this is what it looked like when I told them we had to go in and eat supper.  Seriously.  Is that mower THAT cool and supper THAT bad???

First watermelon of the season.  They both gobble it up! 

klp and his teacher on the last day of school.  :)

We took this on klp's last day of school. It was "our" last day. I realized next year when klp goes to school, the baby will be here.  I have really enjoyed my 3 mornings with just Quinn.  He's been a GREAT errand runner since I would save most of my trips for mornings klp was at school.  It as also fun to just be home together and play and read. Good times.  

Trying on Daddy's shoes

Just a glimpse of what his feet look like after a few minutes of playing outside.  oh dear.  

SUMMER TIME popsicles!! 

Eventually klp took a bite or two. We were pleasantly surprised as we always are anytime he eats something new.....but the boys pretty much ate KLP's whole popsicle.  What a good Daddy to share.  I leave the room when I am eating something yummy so I don't have to share.  

Q has mustered up some courage and now helps Daddy push the mower.  He's SUCH a big help.  Do you like the socks with sandals look?  He had been with my parents and I accused my mom of having terrible taste.  Turns out Q was VERY sure he wanted socks AND sandals.  I apologized to my mom and enjoyed my stylish son the rest of the day.  

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Marianne said...

Lara and I love the picture of the boys crying over having to come in from mowing!!! hahaha!!! Precious stories!!!