Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Throw Back Church Clothes

My mom saved several of my baby dresses and they were perfect for Jaylie this summer.  I loved seeing her in these sweet classic dresses.  

The blue one was Kory's favorite, but my far the worst pictures.  She wasn't in the mood! ha! 

Instagram filter for the real old school look.  

much happier and wide-eyed baby!  I LOVED this white one.  She actually wore it twice, because she pooped all over it the first time before my mom could even see her in it (we were in Paris at their house). How rude.  

This white and blue one was a little short by the time we wore it, but it was still sweet with her little blue sticky bow.  

This dress was the most obviously "vintage" of them all.  I'm a sucker for old timey.  

I am not a sucker for the bonnets.  2 of the dresses had bonnets.  Not a good idea people of the 80's.  

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