Monday, November 5, 2012

Yamboree 2012

A couple of weeks ago we all enjoyed the Yamboree in Gilmer.  It is for sure a highlight of our year and we had a blast again this year.  We celebrated Yams all weekend!

We started off Friday by meeting Clay's 3 girls and my parents in Gilmer for lunch.
{Mallory, Landry, Quinn, Avery, and Kanyon}

After lunch we headed out to the fair grounds to see the livestock sale and look at all the fun animals.

klp snapping a few pics with Paw Paw's camera

q and jjp.  She was a TROOPER at her first Yamboree

I talked to Q quite a bit on the way there about the animals and the sounds we might hear and reminded him that "sounds don't hurt" (we say that a lot around here).  He did great!  As we were walking up to the barn, he turned around and said, "Hey Mom, I'm not crying!" 

Everyone was happy to see the sweet baby calf.  

Q had said for days that he wanted to see the here he is admiring the Grand Champion pig.

Sweet cousins with all the pigs. 

Paw Paw carried klp all over the place so that he could be up close to all the animals.  With his vision, we want to make sure Kanyon can get as close as possible and he can't always do that from the stroller, so his good ol' Paw Paw took extra good care of him.  

Can you tell we'd spent the day with the girl cousins posing for pictures! Ha! He did this all on his own!

Happy Yamboree y'all!

This was q's favorite Ag project.  He was pretty sure we needed it.  

Saturday morning was the parade.  Ty brought the CDR bleachers out again and we sat in front of Adam's office so its a pretty great place to watch the parade.  There are a lot of us....

John David and Anna took good care of Jaylie (she's under the jacket so the sun wasn't on her).  She slept through the WHOLE THING! It was so loud and she never woke up!

KLP, klp, Landry, Clay, Mallory and a photo bomb Doodle in the back.  

After a few more reminders on the way to the parade that "sounds don't hurt" q did awesome through the whole parade.  The first thing was the LOUD sirens and horns on the ambulances and firetrucks but he never cried and had a blast waving at everyone.

....a little loud for Mal Mal

klp digging in to his corny dog. Appetizing picture, huh?

Nanny helped him by holding his ketchup.  

In case you were wanting to see her, here is the back of the Yam Queen. 

Yearly picture under the sign.  

Paw Paw and Gay Gay with a few grandkids...

Nolan, Q, klp, Marion, j, Roselyn

Gay Gay and jjp

sweet Kan Man

Adam let us in his office to feed babies and use the restroom and the kids had a great time playing in the chairs and running around.  

Jaylie June and Cora June
Adam and Doodle's baby girl was born just a month before Jaylie.  They already love each other and are planning on being 3rd generation college roommates.

Me and Doodle with our baby girls. 

After the parade we went back to Nanny's for the afternoon to hang out with all the cousins and take naps.  Here is Baby Jay and Baby Jaylie.  Jay really isn't a baby, but he was the youngest of all the cousins so everyone always called him Baby Jay......and we still do.  He's only a senior in college.

Some of the guys played Bocce Ball. Its always fun because the whole front yard is a giant hill.  Tricky. 

We had a yummy fish fry then took the kids back up to the square to ride a couple of rides.  Landry, klp, q, and Mallory rode the train

Then Nolan and my boys rode the cars.  We don't know the other kid. 

How sweet and cute is Nolan???

Landry wanted to ride the carrousel with her Daddy.

Ro Ro, Q, and Avery watching Landry ride the carrousel.

We walked around a little bit enjoying the "scenery" and unique things you see only at the Yamboree.  We ran in to a few of the cousins Jeff, Robin, Spencer, Anna, and John David.  

These big girls rode the big Ferris Wheel.  

Clay and his 3 had to take their sign picture after church on Sunday.  Aren't they sweet? In case you're wondering where Mo is in all these pictures, the week before SHE HAD HER BABY! It was a girl.  Yes, they have 4 girls!  We can't wait for next year when Ellie can come to the Yamboree with us!

klp was SO PUMPED to get to ride in the car with Ro Ro.  He kept saying his token phrase, "I'm happy!!"

These gals were "babysitting" Jaylie for me.  

We had a great time with all our family....all 36 people in one house! Fun times!

All that Yamboree fun can sure wear you out though!

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