Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends and Family

We've had lots of fun with friends and family lately..

Erin and her kiddos Brown and Ellie came to town for the day.  klp was at school so he missed the fun but we had a great time visiting and getting to see each others kids. 

Our friends Trent and Karessa came to town and their daughter Paisley loves purses.  So when they were here, I got some purses out for her.  Well, my boys LOVED them too.  At least they called them "bags" and usually wore them around their necks.  They did take them to Target and a few other places before they moved on to another toy.  I'm so mad at myself for not getting pictures when they were in town! ughhhhh! 

q riding on the Colliers bucking horse! 


Yet another picture of Meg and Jaylie matching....our friend Amanda made them for the girls.  The matching outfits were totally not planned, but TOTALLY CUTE! 

I love ruffles on the booty!! 

And the best news of all............ELLIE HOBBS SPENCER!! She was born October 13.  We are so happy to have another cousin and I am so happy to have my 8th niece!!!  Yay for Clay and Maurine and their 4th daughter!!!  

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