Monday, January 21, 2013

Jaylie is 4 months....and then 5 months!

Our sweet girl just keeps on being cute, adorable, fun, sweet, content, smiley, laughy (really she cackles), gassy (sorry, its true), wide-eyed, aware of EVERYTHING around her, and a big huge gigantic blessing to the Phillips Phamily! 

Can you tell she was ready for a nap?  

The hair that she did have all fell out during her 4th month.  She had a sweet little bald head.  

During the 5th month, all that hair grew back! 

She continues to be happy, easily entertained, and content.  I have NOTHING to complain about when it comes to that.  She loves to watch the action around her and can now stay up longer during the day and enjoy the fun.  She no longer just falls asleep whenever and wherever, she doesn't want to miss anything!  She is still not crazy about her paci, but will take it some. She prefers to gnaw on her hands and fingers.  She found her thumb a couple of times but hasn't turned in to a thumb sucker like I thought she would.  She still wakes up at night and prefers to have a good long morning sleep.  Her big eyes are always watching and her big smile is almost constant.  We were a little late on her 4 month check up so she was 5 months, but her stats were:
15 lb. 8 oz. -25th percentile
27 1/2 in. -97th percentile
Summary: a healthy long and lanky girl! :)

I love Jaylie June!

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erin f. said...

I actually cannot take it. She is too sinking cute. I need her. Can I just have her for a week?