Friday, January 11, 2013

After Christmas

Kory had to got back to work the day after Christmas so that meant I was in charge of making sure the boys took advantage of the snow covered yard. It was COLD.  My mom was there so she helped me layer the clothes on the boys and went out with us in the FREEZING COLD.  We are kinda wimps when it comes to cold, so we were patting ourselves on the back. It really wasn't all that bad and we had fun! 

This is out of order, but when my dad was here helping with the kids after my heart attack, he pulled klp's second tooth.  I knew it was super loose but didn't want to have to pull it myself, so I put the dentist on it.  klp was painting at his little table and Dad went over there and pulled the tooth and said Kan never looked up from his painting! ha!   So here's Paw Paw with the tooth and klp trying his hardest to smile and show me his missing tooth.  

I mentioned how unimpressed he was with the dollar the tooth fairy left him after the first tooth, so he got coins this time and was HAPPY! 

OK...back to after Christmas fun......I went back to Paris with my parents so I could "lay low" and keep recovering there.  Kory came when he got off work Friday and was able to stay til after New Years. It was a really fun time with a non stop fire in the fireplace, a great adult to kid ratio, and late night wa-hoo games.  

j got to hang out with little cousin Ellie!!  I'm so excited to have a baby girl cousin only 2 months younger than juney girl! Built in fun!

We had a lazy New Years Day with Clint and Rachel's crew.  klp enjoyed snuggling with them!

Nolan, klp, and Roselyn watching something on the iPhone. Nolan was literally hanging off of a storage box watching. 

Ro showing klp some cousin love.  

Nolan gave up on watching, but how sweet are those 2 snuggling cousins.  

q got this tshirt and shorts for birthday and Christmas and literally wore this outfit EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

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