Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I take so many pictures of her.  She's the easiest child to photograph because she's the least mobile.  So here is a Jaylie June picture post. 

Lovin' her Daddy

Getting ready for bath time. Only a Dad would hold a baby like this....

She found her toes! 

Its a special treat to her when she's wearing socks and then finds her toes! 

She rolled over while we were in Paris!!!  back to tummy...she's almost got the tummy to back thing figured out, but not just yet.  

She looks like such a big girl pushed up on her elbows looking around.  

Toes. Again. They're the best thing ever. 

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Specks said...

She is soooo precious!!! I even think she and Reagan favor each other....soul sisters :). Your posts are all so fabulous and I am just so thankful you are RESTING and are in my heart every day and I know that when the day comes that we are able to swap stories, laugh and cry at the madness of our lives, it will be so good for our souls :). You are amazing!!!!