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Loving our hand me down PJ's from RoRo and Marion.  These were my faves when they wore them.  Fun to see Jaylie in them! 

So one day our Physical Therapist said, "Would y'all be interested in a free trampoline?" UHHHHHHHH YES!  Another one of her kids was getting a bigger one and wanted to give away their small one.  Obviously our PT knows us well so she offered up our name!  We went and got it and it was POURING RAIN but klp had to get in a few bounces in no matter how wet he got. This kid is amazing when he bounces. He bounces on his bed every night so he gets lots of practice.  He can jump so high sitting on his rear end!  

The boys were on the trampoline almost non stop the first couple of weeks we had it.  As you can see (or if you follow me on Instagram you already saw this), klp literally jumped his pants off.  

Kory went on his baseball trip with his college buddies in April and brought the boys back this batting helmet.  It was free bag night at Dodgers stadium so Jaylie got a bag too! Ha! 

Some of our youth group girls came over one night and had fun making bows and eating. Great girls.  They let me pretend I'm still young.  :)

We were getting ready for church one Sunday morning and I put this shirt on Kan. He was so excited and said, "This shirt is like Chief's! We match!" We aren't sure what he's talking about, but apparently Kory's dad has a shirt like this.  :)  

So....I'd kept Jaylie in the bassinet by my bed until she literally crawled out in the middle of the night.  I heard her waking up and I looked over and she was half way out.  So I took one last picture of her in it the next morning.  She was upset. I think she thought I was going to make her take a nap!  I realize she's way too big for it, but she slept good in it and it was right by my bed.  Now she can roll to her little heart's content in her pack-n-play or crib.  

Her first pulling up....she loves bathtubs.  Its the first place she goes if she breaks loose in the house. 

So she learns to pull up and then like 2 days later I look over and she's already doing this!!!  She's by far my busiest and most mobile baby!

She plays musical beds. Sometimes pack-n-play in our room, sometimes the crib.  Either way that booty in the air is almost more than I can handle.  

I have had a hard time moving all of my kids out of my room at night. I have to start with naps during the day to get me used to it.  Her first nap in the crib...

Stuffing her face with avocado.  

Just doing a little Bible reading.  

First time for all 3 in the tub.  It doesn't happen much.  The boys are maniacs and everyone enjoys it more when she's in her own tub.  

This boy loves his sand box! 

We've gotta do something about his "cheese" smile.  Its quite terrible.  Can't seem to keep his eyes open or get a half way natural smile.  Though this one is actually not that bad. 

This is SO him. 

yeah.  so she outgrew these PJ's. 

Meg paying a visit to Jaylie's stroller so they can chat it up at the park. 

More booty in the air cuteness

q makin' sure this place is safe! 

Kanyon had a neurology appointment in Dallas a couple of weeks ago so it was time again to call in the troops.  My mom went with us so that she could help with Jaylie (who after 2 months on a bottle after my heart attack will NOT take a bottle now!) while I was in the appointment with Kanyon.

We ate at Pei Wei before his appointment and it was YUMMMMMMMM

Quinn got to spend the day with his buddy Trent.  Mindi sent pictures all day long and it was so fun for me to know what they were doing.  He pretty much had an awesome day because he got to do Field Day with Trents preschool class and then got to go to gymnastics with him!  Not to mention the fun toys and yummy dessert (seen here in this pic).  Thanks Mindi for helping us out! 

Gay Gay and Jaylie were hanging out in the waiting room....

While klp was playing "typing" in the room while we waited on the Dr.  The appointment went well and we had a game plan....then he had a crazy amount of seizures (for him) and we are now off of one med, on a new one and getting off another one.  Sheesh. Its so frustrating.  Not too mention the whole thing is pretty disappointing since for the first 5 years of his life we didn't have to worry about seizures. So far the new med is working and we are praying it will keep working!  

We had a CDR friends fun day at Lane and Mary's house.  The kids swam in the cold water all day long. It was fun to hang out with the families that were there and let our kids get to know each other.  

There's nothing cuter than "vintage" baby wear if you ask me.  Thanks to my mom, Jaylie has quite the stash of old dresses that I wore.  I think its so sweet and classic little girl.  As you'll notice, the girl is getting way more mobile so its hard to get her just sitting there.....

Daddy walked in the room and this is what we get......

This picture really makes my heart stop beating.  

Fun play day at Doodles.  There is a round of girls now, but they aren't quite old enough to get out there with the boys yet so for now its a boy's world when we all get together.  

Drayton, Tate, Caden, Jed, and Q (and his crack)

Our friend Kinsey was home from college for a couple of weeks before she headed out to the Dominican Republic.  We love her!!!  

J's first time in the buggy like a big girl....Peter Pan joined us. 

After our trip to Target we hit up Sonic .50 corny dogs.  We ate outside and enjoyed our lunch. I snapped a picture of me and Q and thought, well, maybe Jaylie will be in it somewhere so we will know she was there. I had NO IDEA I was going to get her square in the center of the picture MEAN MUGGIN' me for not giving her a corny dog! ha! 

Peter Pan loves Sonic Water! 

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I know I say this every time, but your kids are all PRECIOUS and SO cute! It's hard to believe how fast they are growing up!