Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer so far

Our summer has been jam packed already. We are enjoying the longer days, NO SCHOOL, swimming, and all the other things this summer has brought us so far.....most of which just involves us doin' our thing at home.  

The first weekend in June both of my brothers and their families came to town for a skeet shooting contest.  Clint, Clay, Kory, and Adam were a team.  They had a fun time and we always love an excuse for cousin time.  Clint's crew stayed with Adam and Doodle, but Clay's crew stayed with us.  My boys were SOOOOOOO excited to have a sleepover....

here are all the big cousins ready for bed

...and here's Mo giving the token "now lay down and be really quiet and don't play.  We will have all day tomorrow to play." yeah right.  Actually they did pretty good and went sleep pretty quickly. Maybe it helped that it was 11:00! ha! 

The boys will still randomly ask to hold Jaylie....they realize pretty quickly that she's big and busy so it usually only lasts just long enough for pictures.  (yes she's wearing Super Man PJ's....PJ's are a hand me down free-for-all. Gender not taken into consideration.  :) 

Q giving her a squeeze

klp trying to look like he's not uncomfortable

a quick squeeze before he asked me to get her.  

When j wakes up Q likes to go in there and talk to her to keep her happy til I can get in there.  I guess sometimes he decides to just get in the bed with her.  

Jaylie June takes swimming VERY seriously. And she's fearless in the water. 

We introduced Quinn to Manfred Mann's "Quinn the Eskimo" (The Might Quinn) and he is OBSESSED.  He literally sat there and watched the white iTunes screen for the longest time.  We checked our iTunes and we played it 92 times in a matter of just a few days! Ha! 

Playing "Captain Hook"!

Just some Sunday dress up cuteness

And possibly the even cuter dress-off bloomers only cuteness

Book worm.  

klp still naps some, but most days he doesn't and we get a little time with each other.  I really struggle to balance using that time for quality time with him really engaging him in something that is good for him (think: therapy driven sort of stuff) and taking advantage of him playing peacefully alone (or watching Family Feud) and getting some of my things done around the house when the little ones are sleeping.  Who knows what the right balance is, but like most things with this mom gig, I just do what I think and hope I'm not too far off! 

q practicing his J's

This is a hand me down from my cousin Julie's little girl....

klp told me one day that he wanted to write an email so he started making the marks you see at the bottom right of the page (he was using some scratch paper from Kory's work) and saying what he was writing.  I was able to scribble it down before I forgot it and it was probably the cutest, sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.  First he wrote my mom an "email" and it said, "Dear Gay Gay, Cook me a turkey sandwich and bring it to my mom. I love you. Dear Gay Gay" (I guess he wasn't sure how to end it so he just ended it the way he started it! ha!) Then he wanted to write Paw Paw an email too. His said, "Dear Paw Paw, Fix me another turkey sandwich for Quinn and fix me a swing outside. And fix me a slide and fix me a ladder.  Dear Paw Paw"  So, he's just a TINY bit bossy. 

just documenting a fit...

Post Bath cute...

Q wanted to take picutres with my phone. Jaylie was waking up from her nap so he went in her room and snapped this. Its probably only cute to Mommy since I know Q took it and I know she was smiling at him as he walked in the door and I love how cute she is sitting in her bed.  

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