Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day Weekend, my parents host what we call "The Outdoor Challenge".  The guys all camp out at the land and have all sorts of manly "challenges" that involve their guns and bows.  Meanwhile, the girls all wrangle kids and go out to the land on Saturday to eat lunch and watch the boys do their games. Some years there are TONS of family and friends, but this year seemed like a lower year. At least from the girl side.  Most wives/kids weren't able to come, but the ones there had a blast! The men had fun again this year and enjoyed perfect camping out weather and not-too-hot for Kory weather on Saturday! yay! 

klp and Nolan found the Mule pretty quick once we got out to the land

klp visiting with the newly engaged Megan and Nathan!! YAY!!! 

My uncle John Richard was cracking me up with his pistol and holster (its a b.b. gun!ha!)

There's always a little fishing going on...

or a LOT of fishing..

jjp found Mr. Brad out there and loved him.  She sat so calm with him for a long time.  

Robin and Jeff learned first hand what a cuddle bug Kan Man is. He saw them sitting over there and just couldn't help but invite himself to sit right in between them and get "comfy and cozy" as he says.  

Cousins in the Mule headed to the lake to fish. 

This may be my new favorite picture!  Someone caught a fish and they were all touching it and laughing.  The sunset was beautiful and the squeals and laughter were even better.  

Q really loves to fish...He caught one and was going to take it off the hook....

....til he got finned.  

Q and his fishing guide Uncle Clay.

Avery was the expert fisherman.  She did the honors of taking all of them off the hook for whoever caught them.  

This was klp's fish she helped him with.  He wasn't quite sure about holding it after watching Q cry so Avery held it for him.  

While you're waiting your turn for the fishing pole, you might as well spit into the water.  

My Ollie Boy.  

What a Dad!! Holding a baby and taking a fish off the hook.

Nolan ringing the dinner bell!

Juney and Ellie taking a bath.  I'm so excited for these girls to grow up together! 

KiKi and RoRo

The next day before we left, Paw Paw and Daddy took the boys fishing while my Mom and I ran a few errands.  (see....we gotta work on his smile for pictures....not his best look)

Can't remember why klp has on PJ pants, but oh well.  Here we are... 

Trying to get the kids was nothing short of a disaster, so this is as good as it got this time.  

My cousin Paige (the photographer) came for the day Saturday and said, "Do you have anything cute for Jaylie to wear, I'll take her picture!" So I ran in and grabbed her outfit I had packed for church.  I love these pictures so much! She even got classic Jaylie with the wrinkled nose! Thanks Paige! 

I'll end with this funny picture:  We introduced Quinn to "The Might Quinn/Quinn the Eskimo" Song on our iTunes.  He was so obsessed with "his song".  He literally sat there staring at the white itunes screen listening to it for at least 30 minutes! Finally after about 200 repeats, I turned it off for the day.  ha! 

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