Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jaylie June is 1!!!

Jaylie June is 1.  As her pediatrician told me yesterday at her checkup, "It doesn't seem like a year ago I was waiting for you to pick a name!" 

Here's a little run down of her 1st birthday shin digs

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this picture on her birthday: "I'm ONE y'all!"

On the 9th, her actual birthday, we were packing up and leaving for vacation so we sort of did enough to make me feel like we acknowledged it (you know, at this age, its all about the mom...the kid has no clue).  As soon as Kory got home and right before we threw the kids in the car, we had a little mini celebration.  We put a birthday bib on her someone gave us and sang to her. Then she opened a little baby doll that was supposed to be from the Easter Bunny but he never quite got around to giving it to her. 

Family pic..Boys are in PJ's cuz we were leaving and not getting to our hotel until late that night.  

As soon as we planned this vacation with my family, we told the kids Jaylie would be 1 when we went to the beach.  Well, my boys thought we were going to the beach just for Jaylie's birthday party!  Ha! I guess they don't realize how extravagant that is or care that they never got that sort of treatment! Haha!  So the night after we got to the beach we had a PAR-TAY! (party=cake).  

This was our dinner table on vacation. Not sure where Ellie was in this picture.  

When we started singing Happy Birthday, jjp started clapping and squealing!! She was LOVING it! 

She was mesmerized by the candle on her cake..

It took her a while to dig in, but she ended up enjoying every bit.

Ok, so my plan for the cake was to just use Mo's 1 cake pan and take sprinkles. I didn't want to mess with all the decorating and stuff while we were at the beach.  But about 5 minutes before we pulled out of the driveway, I threw in some food coloring in case I changed my mind.  The cake was begging for some beach decor since we were at the beach so I slapped all this on real quick. Its definitely not my best, but I'm glad it represented our little Beachy Birthday girl! 

My cousin let me borrow this dress for the trip, so despite running a high fever her last couple of days, we snapped a few pictures of my 1 year old baby girl! 

sooooooooooo her....

When we got home from vacation we let her open her real gift from us.  She had lots of help opening it.

I had so much fun picking out her first baby doll. I looked and looked and looked for the perfect one.  My grandma gave her the little bed thing to go with the baby.  A perfect addition to this house of boy toys.  

Sweet Juney girl knows what to do with her baby.  

She weighs 21 lb. 2 oz. (40%) and I think she was 30 in. long (50%).  She has 8 teeth, a new found attitude, no interest in walking, and good manners.  (just kidding...she just learned to say "please" in sign language).  I'm having so much fun being her mom.  As birthday texts were coming in the day of her birthday and family members were calling to wish her a Happy Birthday I kept thinking about the day she was born.  Hearing "Its a GIRL!" and the shock that followed and then the realization a few hours later that she was STILL a girl and she would be a girl forever started sinking in.  Hearing the SCREAMING of all of our friends down the hall when Kory walked out with her in his arms and told everyone it was a girl.  Having so many people there was THE BEST. I love thinking about that day and how fun it was and just the buzz of excitement when a new baby comes.  It was just the best day.  So what if she gave me a heart attack, she's totally worth it! :)  Happy Birthday Juney Girl! 


Kelli said...

Happy birthday, Jaylie June! Wow, that was a fast year! She is just beautiful, Jaymie, and such a precious part of your family! So happy for y'all to have this sweet blessing!

Kyla said...

Does this mean that my life is sort-of becoming normal again since I'm getting to read your blog? I hope so! Loved getting to do a little catchin' up on y'all. The beach pictures of Jaylie are SO stinking cute!! She has grown so much since I saw her at the Rangers game. Loved your 'thrown together' beach cake. It turned out perfect! Miss you...keeping my fingers crossed that we can all meet up soon. Wish Nashville wasn't so far away...