Tuesday, July 23, 2013

jjp 11 Months

I seem to have forgotten to take a 10 month picture, but here's the Juney girl at 11 months (2 and a half weeks ago).  She seems to be feeling her big girl-ness lately.  

Same Ol' Same Ol':
happy, content,  same 6 teeth, takes 2 2 hour naps (if her mom isn't dragging her somewhere) , cries when you put her in her car seat, loves to push buttons on the TV, eat the remote controls, steal her brothers' sippy cups, eats LOTS of fruit, and unfortunately.....still wakes up several times during the night.  It sounds better if I say "She sleeps 12 hours" but quietly add *she just wakes up 3 times during those 12 hours* ha! 

New This Month: 
sticking her tongue out, clapping, peek-a-boo, horse sound with her mouth, and giving kisses (biting your face off).  She loves to point and is constantly pointing at things and "talking" about them.  Her little finger pointing is pretty cute. She found the toilet, and so brought on a new house rule of keeping the lids all down and doors closed. Speed crawling, cruising along furniture, at her first fist full of sand from the sand box, and has acquired a nice little baby tan.  (I put sunscreen on her, I just think she has darker skin).

This is one of her favorite spots in the house...she especially loves to get a hold of markers....an added bonus if the lid comes off.  grrrrrr.  The other day it looked like she was really trying to write with a marker on paper.  Guess she's watched her brothers at this table so much she knows what to do.  

If she's quiet, this is probably why.....this bag of wipes was brand new.  I stuffed them back in. No way I'm wasting a whole thing of wipes! 

Same story with Kleenex.  

The girl is an absolute bundle of sunshine and happy.  She's happy and squeally and that grin of hers gets her smothered in kisses every single day.  Its hilarious to us how much she loves being a part of the action and how she refuses to miss anything.  Her sweet pitter patter crawl can be heard just a few steps behind her big brothers.  Where they go, she goes.  For better or worse.  In all honesty, she's at that annoying stage where she takes their toys, ruins their games, and crashes their blocks.  klp has a particular dislike for her being anywhere near him while he's playing. I can't say that I blame him, but we're working on being a little more tolerant.  Ha! She's a busy little thing and I feel like this month she really seemed to make a big leap towards being a big girl.  Less baby more girl.  So as her mommy, I'm stuck in the age old pull of being excited about all the new "big" things she's becoming and absolute heart break that I'm seeing less and less of my baby.  I joke that kids do nothing but tear our hearts out....in the best way possible.  You know what I mean?? That physical feeling of an exploding, breaking, warm heart.  Sheesh. All 3 of mine are doing it to me all the time and I have a sneaky suspicion they always will.  

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