Friday, April 25, 2014


We had a wonderful Easter with perfect weather and great time with family! 

We kicked off the festivities dying eggs at Gram's house.  

I fully expected him to have green hands for days, but surprisingly they were almost back to their normal color by church the next morning.  

Jaylie June took this VERY serious.  

She would drop the egg in the cup, throw her hands up, and yell "TA DAAAA!!!!" Susan had bought these fake eggs and they were so great for Jaylie.  They looked like a real egg and you could dye them like a real egg, but the didn't crack.  She dyed them over and over and over.  It was perfect.  

Q Man. 

Here's our lovely art.  The ones on the left are the fake eggs.  The colors didn't stick to them as well as the real eggs, but oh well! 

Busy little Easter kids

This year was a little different than ever before since we now had to factor cows, calves, and feeding the cows in to our Easter morning routine.  Add in a sunrise service that Kory went to and things got really tricky.  But it all worked out great.  In between the sunrise service and checking cows, Kory came home so he could be here when the boys hunted eggs.  

Quinn had so much fun running around snatching up eggs.  And he was pretty sweet waiting for Kanyon and helping him find some (for the most part). 

Brothers after a successful hunt.  They left a few eggs for when Jaylie June woke up, but she had ZERO interest in putting them in her basket. 

The Easter Bunny brought this chick some cool new shades.  She LOVES wearing glasses so I guess its a good thing she has her own girly pair.  

reading her new book, holding her new horse. 

Kory left as soon as the boys finished hunting eggs, so it was just me trying to get them dressed in time for pictures.  We were spiffy and ready to go and then the WIND started blowing. It was blowing so you can see by my attempt at pictures.....

Jaylie would turn her head and say "Brrrrrrrr", Q was trying to smile through the pain, and Kanyon was quite overstimulated by the wind and cold.  

This is as good as it got.  

I did manage to get a shot of the Juney girl in her pretty dress..

We were in the entry room at our house so the lighting was OK and the wind was gone, but it wasn't the most beautiful background.  But really...when this is the best shot I can get of my 3, why do I worry about how pretty the background is.  

After church we all went over to Kory's grandparents house.  His grandparents, aunt and uncle that live here in town, his great uncle, and his aunt and uncle that live in Helena and their 4 kids were all there. It was a great afternoon together.  Isabel (the oldest cousin) hid eggs for everyone and the kids enjoyed hunting the eggs together.  I just love these kids. 

Quinn and Ainsley were big buddies.  

Eloise was Jaylie's personal Nanny!  

Gram and Isabel helped Kanyon in the yard where his walker wouldn't really work. 

Ainsley, Jaylie June, and Eloise.  

The next day Me and my kids, Susan, Julie and 2 of her kids, and Grandma and Grandpa all went out to the ranch to pick crocuses.  They are the first flower to start popping up when spring rolls around.  It was fun to run around outside.  

Kory's Grandpa Bob is so much fun.  He was picking those flowers like crazy. I loved seeing him out there with all the kids...some his grandkids and mine being his great grandkids. What a gift that my kids get to pick flowers with their Great Grandpa! 

Gram and Kanyon taking a break.

Busy pickers

Eloise, Quinn, Ainsley, Kanyon, and Bob

....and we couldn't leave Jaylie out of this one.

We had a little picnic together. 

Complete with watermelon!!! That HAS to mean that winter is over!! RIGHT???!!

Later that afternoon, klp had swim therapy so I took Eloise with me to watch Kanyon.  Everyone else was scattered with other cousins, Gram, etc.  We stopped and got a treat at McDonald's after therapy. We enjoyed our time together!

Once we got home, Julie and I put some of the crocuses in vases.  (The daisies are left over from a bouquet a friend sent the week of Kanyon and Jayde's birthday.)  
It was such a great weekend and a great reminder of how blessed we are to be surrounded by awesome family whether we are in Texas or Montana.  Happy Easter!


Pam said...

Jamie, Sounds like everyone is adjusting to life in Montana, wow, what a beautiful place. It must really be nice to see the green and not the white stuff right now. I enjoy reading you blog, you are such a good writer and your children are just beautiful and so blessed! I often told my three how fortunate they were to have two sets of living grandparents within seven miles of them, three of them are still around to see their great-grands! Thank you for posting......Pam (Peyton's mom):).

The Speck family said...

These two posts are so fabulous~ baby girl's outfit changes KILLED ME with her adorableness...and they all three are such sweeties in their Easter best :). What an incredible life you guys are living out there!!! Already trying to figure out how we can get out west in 2015/16...I mean, it will be here before we know it and my kids really must meet their soul siblings :)!