Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Texas Part 4: The End

I've said it before and I'll say it at least 100 more time: I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD!  Another example.....a few of them drove from Longview to Paris on a Sunday afternoon just to hang out! It was so good to get to visit some more before I headed back.

Rebekah, Jill, Addie, Michelle, Mindi, Me, Kinsey

The Mule isn't just for grandkids! 
I took the gals for a spin around the place. Some were convinced they saw a snake swimming on the lake, but I'm thinking someone was just having a city slicker moment! ha! 

The kids had fun playing with "Miss Kinsey" as always! 

I was so happy my sis in laws got to meet some of my friends. Its always fun when your worlds can come together! 

We went to eat in town, then came back out to my parent's house for milkshakes and pie. After we were stuffed, I had to take them to the Eiffel Tower.  I meant to do it before dinner but I forgot.  Lucky for us, the Paris TEXAS Eiffel tower is at its finest at night!

These girls had a late night...thanks for coming and thanks for the parents/husbands/friends that kept your kids so you could come! It was such a treat.  I love y'all! 

Back at the pool and jjp is still having troubles with her swimsuit bottoms.  

Ellie girl woke up from her nap one day and needed a little snuggle time with her aunts.  She was such a sweet cuddle bug.  

Fair warning: "Be careful Indains near." 

When Jaylie and Ellie weren't yelling "MINE!" at each other they were really sweet.  

Just talking about their babies like all Moms do. 

Our last day in town we decided we'd better get the kids teeth looked at.  So Paw Paw and Becky checked the boys while Clint cleaned mine.  Everyone did great! 

While Kanyon was getting his teeth checked, Quinn was Uncle Clint's assistant while he cleaned my teeth.  

This was Q's first visit and he did great! I think it helped him to watch everyone else go first. He was a champ! 

The bright light is hiding it, but this was a HUGE smile!!! 

Our last slumber party we watched a movie before bed.  Check out Ro holding Jaylie June.  Haha 

The littlest girls (these 3 plus Marion) all had matching PJ's.  

Nolan and "Quinny B" (that's what Nolan and Ro call Q)

Paw Paw and Gay Gay with their grandkids. 
The world seems just about perfect when it looks like this! 

So Wednesday morning, the kid and I loaded up and headed to the airport.  It goes without saying that we hated to leave, but it was nice to have Daddy to look forward to.  He flew in to DFW around noon. We picked him up and hit up Chick Fil A one last time before we left CFA country.  

Q and J happy to be back with Daddy! 

We went in to road warrior mode after lunch and burned the road!  Jaylie was a much better traveler this time. Thank goodness! I only threatened to kick her out of the car once around Amarillo.  

Poor Kan Man doesn't see well. Our car has built in DVD player on headrests.  This is how he has to sit to watch the movie. Kinda cute.  

We love Magna Doodles.  I am happy to over look their large and awkward size when packing the car because I know they'll buy us lots of time! 

Road Warriors don't stop for indoor bathrooms. Grown up Road Warriors aren't afraid to risk a little pee on their shoes either.  All in the name of making good time! 

After 17 hours on the road, we made it to The Morgan's house in Greeley, Co. where we had made a pit stop on the way there.  It was 2am when we got there so we all just went straight to bed.  Except Jaylie.  She was bright eyed and bushy tailed after a great sleep in the car.  I gave up on her at 4:30am and moved to the couch by the boys.  And Quinn woke up around 6am.  I begged him to go to sleep or at least be quiet and not wake up those of us that wanted to sleep more.  It was unsuccessful.  Oh well! 
Kory had been up and at the airport since 5am that morning, so he had a LOOOOONG day! 

Rand and Maggie were all ready for the boys to help them make pancakes! 

Maggie even let them pick some of her pretty flowers. 

Thanks to Maggie for taking all these pictures. I was a little out of it to say the least!  Here we are starting our final stretch home. "Only" 9 hours of driving to go! Thanks again for the perfect pit stop Morgans! We LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

We traveled great that day and everyone got a little nap here and there.  The one time the kids were all 3 asleep we had no choice but to stop for lunch because it was 2:00 and there wasn't another town for a couple more hours (gotta love Wyoming).  

We ate lunch in Casper, Wyoming then drove several more hours to Billings where we made one last dinner stop.  We got home around 10 Thursday night.  We were thankful for the safe trip and the rain that was falling when we got there.  Thankful for the rain and what it would do for the grass, cows, etc. But this rancher's wife was particularly thankful that the rain kept coming and gave me the next day with my husband home to help me unpack and settle in!   

It was a GREAT TIME IN TEXAS! I feel so thankful to have a place to go that is full of people I love so much and to also be able to come back to our house and have people and a little life we love here too.  

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Kate said...

I'm so glad you got to see some girlfriends on your trip, and that y'all survived the long hours in the car. I love the picture of the kids in the grass looking at the sky! You have a beautiful family.