Sunday, August 31, 2014

Texas Part 3: Good ol' Paris Cousin Fun!

After a very hectic 10 days, things slowed down a bit and we just played all day everyday. I did things like sleep super late, go to lunch with my brother, eat Taco Delite almost every day.....the list of indulgences goes on and on! Pretty much we spent as much time together as we could and I was so glad my brother's fams were willing to pretty much put life on hold and hang out the whole time. It was awesome! 

The sprinklers came on and there was no question what everyone was going to do! 

Marion Jayne 

Gay Gay and Jaylie June

Here's our Ollie boy.  He's happy at my parent's place but we sure miss him! He's the only dog left there now so he gets all the attention and seems to soak it all in.  

Uncle Clint made towel Togas. 

jjp and her Paw Paw

Brothers in the pool.

More of Ollie. I couldn't stop taking pictures of him! 

There was no shortage of Mule Rides.  Gay Gay bought the boys Ninja Turtle hats to wear on their Mule rides.  They were pretty excited! 

Quinn and Paw Paw picked lots of things from the garden.  This was the giant watermelon my dad had been waiting to pick! 

Juney enjoyed her cute gourd.  

Clint somehow landed at the "kid table" this time. I'd love to know the conversations happening here. 

Gay Gay and Jaylie June all dressed up for church. 

My dad said he planted carrots for the sole purpose of letting the kids pull them up. He knew they would like it and he was right! That was Q's favorite thing.  We cooked a few and he was proud to eat them since he picked them.  (Also, I promise we feed him. I realize his ribs stick out like he's been starved.)

Showing off another nice carrot!

My cousin Jay and Aunt Mary Lynn came to town one day. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them. The boys were in the little pool while we were all shooting and it looks like somewhere between taking off his swimsuit and putting on his clothes, Q got distracted watching Jay shoot.  

As always, Jay was a great sport letting kids climb all over him! 

Jay even went to the pool with us.  Now THAT'S love--letting the kids hang all over him, throw them, and play whatever games they wanted him to play. 

Quinn liked to run behind the Mule like Ollie so Jaylie decided she wanted to do that too!  You can see Q up ahead of the Mule while jjp runs as fast as her little legs will carry her. 

One night we had a boys sleepover.  Nolan came and they had so much fun together.  He's our only boy cousin so we gotta take advantage of the boy time! Gay Gay got them all some Ninja Turtle sleep shorts (that looked more like capris....they didn't care though).  I sure do love these 3

Sweet Nolan said, "Here KiKi, I'll help you walk."

Its things like this that caused me to gain 20 lbs. while I was in Texas.  After kids are in bed, it was  Mom's GIANT milkshake complete with whipped cream and a cherry.  Mmmmmmm.   And that was just ONE example.  There were HUNDREDS...and thousands of calories. 

Kan, June, and Ellie takin' a spin

Marion and her prissy self. 

Mom took this "Mule Selfie" one night when they went for a night ride.  The lightning bugs were everywhere so it became a nightly ritual to get all ready for bed and then go check the lightning bugs. 

There was lots of drawing with this crew.

The babies goin' solo on the Mule.  

Silly Jaylie with her bonnet on. 

Jaylie loved this bib. She would never wear a big when she was little, but I guess I just never had the right ones. 

My dad took off work for a week while I was there and with his long weekends there were only about 3 or 4 days the whole time I was there that he had to work.  This was one of them.  He was usually met at the door with at least 3 kids begging for a ride! 

Its not all play around there.  A girl's gotta earn her keep. 

Ellie girl found the chips. 


Back in May when I went to Texas Ro was talking about Banana Splits and I told her I'd take her to get one.  Well....I finally made good on my promise one night.  We had so much fun! We just talked and laughed. I can't believe she's old enough to for real hang out with.  

Paw Paw putting lighting bugs in the jar. 

Aunt Nancye came to town! Of course she brought Quinn their favorite cookies. Only with Aunt Nancye do you get a cookie with icing 1 inch thick for BREAKFAST! 

She brought treats for the kids and she got June this vest. This was several days after Nancye left and she was still requesting the vest all the time! So what if its August in Texas....she was lovin' her down vest! 

Ollie was being a very good sport.  

This was an old bib of mine and it was a hit with Jaylie too. 

The fun just kept on going. And the noise was through the roof.  Everyone stayed up late and woke up early (except me...I stayed up late and slept late {thanks again, mom and dad}), and played hard all day long! It was awesome! There's still one more post of pictures from our last couple of days and out trip back to Montana.   

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