Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Second Half of August

We got home from Texas and got right back in the swing of things.  
The Phillips cousins were in town from Helena, so we had a good time with them.  Grandpa Bob got his old separator out, so we took some fresh milk out there and watched the machine do its work.  It was neat to watch and a slight mistake in putting it together led us to accidentally make butter one time! 

After the separating fun was over, we headed to the creek.  I am SO GLAD to feel the heat up here. Kory claims I complain more in June than I do any month of the year. When school is out, I'm ready for it to be hot.  I don't  want to have to wear jeans and long sleeved shirts in the SUMMER!  So, August was finally hot so I was happy :) However, the water was still chilly if you ask me!  

That evening, our kids went and played with the cousins and I went with Kory to salt the heifers in their summer pasture. It is a beautiful place and I hadn't gotten a chance to see most of it, so it was a fun "date".  Ha. Good thing I'd rather ride a 4 wheeler than eat a fancy dinner.  It all works out pretty good for us.

While we were up there, we saw a wild albino turkey! 

Jaylie June ran across one of her old pacis, and got a big kick out of keeping it in her mouth all day everyday.  She barely even took a paci when she was a baby, so maybe she felt like she missed something.  It really upped her "playing babies" game.

In a magical series of events, I actually rocked Kanyon to sleep one Sunday afternoon.  I knew he was tired, but I usually can't get him to actually go to sleep.  But this day he did.  It was nice for the first hour because I was forced to take a Sunday afternoon snooze myself.  But after that, I was quite trapped and different arms and legs were falling asleep, my neck was getting sore, and I was sorta ready for him to wake up.  He eventually ended up like this.....elbow/arm smashing my nose/face.  Mom life is so glam. 

More paci time at the park. And also more "flip flops through the wrong toes" time at the park. 

This was a picture from a coloring book that Kanyon colored.  He is more of a drawer than a colorer, so he decided to add a guy in the driver's seat of the Jeep.  Not sure what the guy in the wheel well is doing, but hopefully the car is parked.  

Nothing says summer time like riding with Daddy in the swather. 

And sleeping with Daddy in the swather. 

One day while I took klp to therapy, KLP took the other 2 rugrats to work with him putting out some salt and mineral.  

Jona Rae Phillips was born!!! I may have a billion nieces, but it NEVER GETS OLD!!!  
We were thankful for a healthy arrival and thankful for Tye and Rachael to join the parent club! 

When we went to visit her in the hospital, I had told the kids they weren't going to hold the baby.  It about killed Quinn to not be able to hold her.  He was so sweet.  

You can imagine Little Mommy Juney girl was pleased to meet Jona! And very proud of Uncle Tye! 

A little shopping in Billings....

In the car on the way back from Billings, Kanyon was drawing on his Boogie Board and asked me what I wanted him to draw.  I said "basketball" and this is what he did! Best basketball drawing I've ever seen! It's a recent development that he can plan what he's going to draw and/or identify it after he's drawn it.  Movin' right along! 

Q got in a little bb gun target practice.  We've got a left eyed shooter on our hands, so this was the first time he really practiced shooting left handed.  He did good.  Is there anything cuter than a little freckle faced boy shooting a bb gun?! 

Aunt life is killer. I have to do things like hold her so her parents can eat. Torture. 

Quinn finally got to hold her!!! YAY! 

August can't be all fun and games....some kids gotta start school.  

Here is Kanyon on his first day with his incredible aide Mrs. Shelley! 

2nd Grade 
He had a great start to school. Thanks in large part to his aide being the same and making the transition pretty smooth.  Kenyon didn't start until the 3rd day.  We decided it was better for him to get the chaotic crazy confusing first couple of days out of the way before we threw him in there. I went up to the school to talk to his class a little about Kanyon.  That was the first time I've ever done that and I think I could've done a much better job, but I'm learning as I go with most of this.  A couple of weeks after school started, I overheard a girl at the soccer fields walking with her little brother.  The little brother said something about Kanyon's legs being broken and she piped up so proudly, "Nuh uh, he was born too early!" She didn't even know I was there (she's 7, she probably doesn't even know I'm Kanyon's mom) but it made me feel good to know that these kids at least have an explanation thats good enough for them at this age.  And they'll grow up knowing and understanding him more and more. 

Kan Man wasn't the only one starting school! Quinn started Kindergarten!!!! It wasn't quite as dramatic of a start since I'm homeschooling Q this year.  We did it for a million reasons and for no reasons all at the same time.....make sense? I could probably write a whole post about that, but it would be even more boring than commenting on every picture.  So here's the Kindergartner that insisted on doing his sign all by himself.  PHONETIC SPELLING FOREVER!!!!!!!  

This girl has to be kept busy while the Kindergartner works, so she feels like big stuff doing her school or "cool" as she calls it. 

And just like that, another month came and went. 

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