Monday, December 14, 2015

Jaylie June turns 3!

August 9th, this little girl turned 3. She requested a "Murphy cake".  Murphy is her Chief's dog.  So thanks to mom's vintage 1980's cake pan, we had a dog cake!!!  This little girl is A LOT of everything and we can't get over the spice, spunk, humor, and noise, she adds to our life.  She is SO MUCH FUN and it was fun celebrating her 3 years!  

Of course she had to help with her cake.  

Another birthday, another cake with Mom! 

Cousin party! 

Somehow we managed to never get the birthday girl dressed on her birthday.  So she looked like this all day.  The perks of having your party at your Grandparents' house with cousins.  No strict dress code. 

Opening her gifts! 

We had the extra bonus of 2 cousins who came to visit that day! We were so happy to have Kate and Kyler there with us.  Here's the whole gang.  And the birthday girl is know.....its her party and she'll cry if she wants to.  

Kanyon has some dental work looming in the near future so we headed up to Uncle Clay's office for some fancy X-rays......

.....and a little orthodontic exam. 

The next day we left Paris early in the morning to head back to Montana. As always we are so sad to leave.  I don't expect it will ever get any easier to leave, but mixed with the sadness is such a great feeling of love and gratitude for the people we love.  

A sunflower field somewhere in southern Colorado. 

We stopped to spend the night with our cousins that recently moved to Colorado! It was so fun to see them for a quick visit and have a nice comfy place to unwind after a long day in the car.  Here is our Jaylie June with cousin Jaylee.  Affectionately known as "Big Baby Jaylie".  

We pulled a pop up camper from Texas to Colorado for some of our friends, so we were happy to see The Morgans when we dropped off their camper.  Maggie took some cute pictures of the kiddos. 

Cousin Lesslee in Colorado gave Jaylie this fabulous purse to take with her and she was thrilled to carry it with her.  Here we are at a pit stop in Wyoming and she was feeling quite prissy with her pink purse.  

The home stretch was probably the quietest stretch of the whole trip.  Thankful for another safe trip, another GREAT time in Texas, and coming home to people we love here in Montana.  Win win win. 

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