Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fall Visitors: Round 1

Kory had a "pet" hawk follow his tractor around the field one day.  The hawk scored a few snacks from the field.  

Gay Gay sent POP ROCKS!!!! It was Quinn's celebration for finishing his first day of school! 

We had been looking forward to this fall because we knew we had several rounds of visitors lined up.  We are always thrilled when people come our way.  The first visitors were our dear friends Gary and Sharon Sanders.  We got to be friends with them while we lived in Longview and we love them to pieces.  They took care of us, our kids, and became dear friends.  We have been looking forward to them coming for over a year.  They had a nice road trip making their way to Montana and then back to Texas.  They made some really neat stops and gave us some good ideas for people traveling this way! All you need is time and gas money! 

Of course, when they came, it was like a mini Christmas for the kids! 

Gary and Kory headed to work one afternoon. 

We took them out to the ranch for a little "tour" on the Ranger and Kan Man fell asleep in Mr. Gary's lap.  I am so thankful my boy gets to be wrapped in those arms.  They have been with us through every step of Kanyon's life and I'm so thankful they get to see this part of our life too.  

We got this text from Kanyon's aide one day while he was at school.  He was playing kickball with some friends. 

Gary and Sharon brought Quinn a Mega Nerf gun and he set up guys so he could shoot them down.  Hours of entertainment with minimal damage to breakable things or people.   

Her first time to have "piggy buns"! 

We bought a new horse!!!  Meet Howdy Phillips (she came with the name, but we kinda liked it. I see it as a nod to Texas!) 

Uncle Steve came to speak at a retreat about an hour away so we got to enjoy his company a little bit before he left for the retreat! 

Uncle Steve selfie!  

Will someone PLEASE help me STOP taking these porch pictures in the morning.  Its hard enough to look decent, much less if I haven't been awake for very long! Bed head and puffy eyes on Jaylie are cute.  On me its just disturbing. 

We had a great time with these folks!  It fills me up to have my house full! 

I'll close this post with a little more cute spelling from Quinn:

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