Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Final Stretch of Winter

This post could've also beed titled: My Daughter Picks Out Her Own Outfits.  

Her swimsuit was a favorite choice after the ski trip where she got to wear it in the hot tub. Not to be outdone by her fantastic hair. 

I got a call one day from Kory that said, "I'm coming to pick y'all up we have to go to Great Falls to pick up a skid steer." We hopped in his pickup and I realized I might should've made a few wardrobe changes on this gal.  After all, Great Falls is a "big city" and we were definitely "small town" dressed.  Haha.  Those are my socks by the way, so they had the nice heel part half way up her leg.  She's rockin' this outfit through Target like it aint no thang.  

Busy with babies 

Its a jackpot if we get to the grocery store and the pink car cart is there! 

The train set still gets lots of use! 

This lovely Princess/Queen/Fancy Mommy got really into having a cape.  This baby blanket has been her favorite cape.  And whoever is tying it on her needs to know that it is ESSENTIAL that the cape drags the ground. 

This calf was over a month earlier than the rest of the herd (I guess there was a rouge bull in there at some point)! When we saw it from a distance, we feared the worst since it was way too soon to be calving, but were surprised, confused and relieved to drive up to a perfectly healthy full term calf!  

We kept a some friends for the day so their parents could go to Great Falls for their anniversary. We had a great time with this full car! 

Small group= dress up time for these 2, the only girls in the group!

I picked the outfit, she picked the hair accessories.  

This was her method of ice cream eating.  Not very effective.  

The 2nd anual Mom/Quinn ski day at Showdown!!!!! 

Starting the morning off with McD's breakfast on the way out of town.  He was sooo excited that it was "just me and him".  Me too! He's an absolute delight. 

We skied the morning together. I can't tell you how fun it is for me to ski with my kid! He's getting better and better and more and more confident each time. He's having a blast and I never knew skiing greens over and over could be so fun! 

 The afternoon, he took a lesson for a 90 minute lesson and I skied by myself.  He had the teacher to himself, so that was a great bonus! 

On our way out wishing we had more time! This day is SO much fun. I think I'll keep this tradition going! 

She rings the doorbell and then does this....

Another home run outfit.  Tunic, shorts, leg warmers, snow boots, a ribbon around her waist.  

Quinn got a target at the hunting license office and came home and got all his gear ready!

Kory was night calving at the ranch, so his sleep schedule was a little off.  He would get in around 7am and sleep for a few hours.  Then he would get up and go feed the cows at the East lease.  This allowed us to go feed with him a few times and enjoy being with him during a very busy time.  On this particular day,  Kory and Jaylie fed while me and Q did a little shooting in the haystack.  

....then they wrestled on the ground.  

She decided to go with all peach/pink hues on this parictular day.  Except the primary color leg warmers.  She wasn't bothered by the fact that the vest was a size 18 month.  Minor details. 

Sometimes a headband is SO good that you don't even need clothes.  

Kory took this picture one afternoon after church when the kids fed with him so i could go to the gym.  Quinn has been working on cutting the net wrap in as few cuts as possible.  This day he made the whole cut in ONE swipe with the knife. He was so proud of himself! 

This is the stuff I get texted to me when Kory is in charge of Jaylie.  (I think this might've been the day me and Q were skiing).  They've got it all under control.  

They ended the afternoon with a nice little chat.  

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