Monday, April 18, 2016

Calving is HERE!! And so are FRIENDS!!!!

The cows at the ranch started calving at the end of February, so our lives went in to full-on calving mode.  Which means nothing is normal or predictable, we don't see Kory much, we're running on all cylinders, but its fun in its own way.  It was a nice warm February and things got off to a good start.  Kory was doing the nights so he was gone by 10 and home anywhere from 6-8:00.  Then we would try to be quiet (which, if you've been around my family, you know is near impossible) while he sleeps for a few hours.  Then he was up and back at it for the rest of the day. These guys work so hard! 

Kory's parents went on a trip to the Holy Lands in mid March, so we stayed at their house for part of the time they were gone. It was easier for us because we could be near where Kory could at least stick his head in for lunch or we could take a ride with him for a bit.  Its much easier to see him if we're out at the ranch than at the house in town where he leaves and doesn't come back! The kids enjoyed playing on the rock pile in the front yard.  They are going to be so disappointed when Wes and Susan do their landscaping and the rock pile is gone! 

Murphy, Juney girl, and one of the cats.  Jaylie named the cats Flower and Poofy. I can't tell them a part, but she sure can.  

klp rode with KLP feeding one day and I got this picture from KLP.  The pick up just puts sweet Kan Man to sleep. Kory had a pillow from sleeping in there night calving so K cozied up under a hooded sweatshirt and had a nice nap.  He's under there, I promise!

Tye's friends Luke and Mackenzie Whitmire came to visit them and it was so fun to get the kids together! We love their family and had a blast watching the kids play together! 

Landree and Jaylie June were fast friends and baby Quinn was SO SQUISHY IRRESISTIBLE!

We had a late night ice cream party! Seriously, I think these 3 were up til almost midnight.  

Luke, Mackenzie, Tye, and Rachael went out to dinner so Landree came over to play with us! FUN!

Quinn and baby Quinn! Even when the baby is almost as big as he is, he can't help but hold it! 

The fun just kept happening because it was Sayler and Hayven's spring break! They came to town to work on their little house here so it as a treat for us!  We walked to the movies one afternoon to see Zootopia! These crazy cousins sure are a lot of fun! 

Sayler takes such good care of Juney girl.  

These 2 goofballs are hilarious and so much fun! 

As if that wasn't enough fun, I had awesome friends come to town! It all happened one afternoon when I was talking to Doodle on the phone and we were saying we wished we could get her family back up here to visit.  Conflicting schedules and stuff are so hard to work around and then I told her that Rachel and Maurine had both come without husband and kids so maybe she should think about that.  Less than a week later, Doodle, Stefany, and Janelle all had plane tickets to come visit! I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I seriously looked forward to this SO MUCH!!!!  I didn't feel like i was "hosting" since it was just girls and they are great company to have during a busy season for us because they go with the flow and don't care if my house is messy! I picked them up in Billings on Monday and it was SO FUN from beginning to end! 

Stef and I sent this to a friend showing her we were together! 

We watched the Bachelor finale because thats what 5 girls do together. I don't think any of us had seen any episodes of the season, but its was fun and we all managed to develop very strong opinions by the time the final rose was given! 

Tuesday morning Q and J stayed with Syndi and the girls so that I could take Kanyon to swim therapy. He had quite the audience that day! So fun to get to show off his swimming to these girls. 

We were on a mission to makes sure these girls got to see a cow give birth, so we did a little "tour" of the ranch for a while and waited around to see a birth.  We got "the call" from Tye saying one was close in the calving lot, so we watched her for what seemed like forever and nothing happened.  Then Kory called from the heifer lot and said there was one with feet out.  So we drove to a different pasture and pulled right up to the fence and watched from the car (it was a bit windy and chilly). It was HILARIOUS to hear/see this suburban full of mothers empathizing and coaching this cow through her first birth.  

They passed around the binoculars to get a nice close up of the whole ordeal. 

This was the "ranch safari" crew.  

Mrs. Stefany was SO sweet to help these 2 stay entertained while we drug them all over the place those days while Kanyon was in school. 

Selfies are hard. It was windy.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

We swapped vehicles for a short time so J and Q had to get in with Daddy.  Here's Jaylie shooting me the "I love you" sign. 

We had full days of LAUGHING and catching up with whats been dubbed as my SOUL sisters.  Moving away from them has been hard, but being with them, we don't miss a beat, and it sure does my heart and soul and abs (from laughing) a lot of good!!!  

It wouldn't be us if we didn't do a silly picture.  

The day after I took them back to the airport, Sydni came over and helped me put together Kanyon's new stroller/bike trailer! We are so excited! Sydni's neighbor used this one for her son and gave it a high recommendation so we got one. He has long outgrown our jogging stroller and we think he would really love to go on bike rides so this thing can be both.  Its large enough to fit him (maybe for his whole life depending on how tall he gets) and as you can see, it fits lots of kids at a time! This can also handle the terrain that we are on which is usually NOT paved sidewalks with the nature of our job.  

And yes, Sydni is still under the height and weight requirement! 

This is my brother Clay on the left and his nephew twinkie Quinn on the right! Q has always looked like Clay and when I saw this old picture of Clay it looked JUST like Quinn. It stopped me in my tracks. I tried to recreate the picture and this really doesn't do their resemblance justice.  I've seen Quinn's mouth look exactly like Clay's in this picture! Its insane.  I get a kick out of it, especially since Clay has all daughters.  I think Q is a little peek of what a mini Clay would look like! 

This girl kills me.  This outfit made me almost die.  Dressing her is SO FUN! 

She was wearing some of my old bloomers and wanted to send Gay Gay a picture of her in them.  She posed herself.  yikes.  

This was the stroller's first ride! 

After my company left, we "moved" back in to Wes and Susan's house because they were still gone.  It was during March Maddness and they get all the channels plus you can record games so we watched A LOT of basketball! It was a blast! Kory was busy working during the Texas A&M game where they made the huge come back.  I finally made the boys go to bed after regulation because it was already late.  Quinn was so disappointed that he was going to miss the end of the game, but I promised him he could watch it the next day since we had it recording.  When Kory got in from working, he saw that Q was still awake in the bed.  Kanyon was sound asleep, so we snuck in and got Q out of bed and let him watch the recording of the end of the game with Kory.  And eat Doritos and drink Gatorade.  By the time the game was over I think he was too tired to care who won, but it was kind of a fun little treat. 

Sweet Quinn wrote this on our window at with the window markers.  I don't think I have the heart to tell him how to spell "June".  

Q loving on Jona

March and all the insanity and excitement it brings was good in so many ways! And more fun was still to come! 

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